Can we have a new section in the forum for teams and neighbors?

Barb Strohl 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Zieu 3 years ago 4
It would be nice to be able to find neighbors and teammates that play the way you do. 
There is no way to communicate with neighbors right now. Teammates can only chat after you are teammates and a challenge is going on.  A separate section of the forum would allow for communication.
I agree! 

it would be great to be able to discuss things with your neighbors ahead of time, let people know whether you'll be around/avail for the challenge, etc.
Also, I wanted to thank people for their invites, but decline with the explanation I was on a team already...And Barb, I actually was looking for you, specifically, when I clicked on forums, as you're one of the neighbors I wanted to thank! :)  (goofingoff)
I've been thinking of this. Will have a new section for this in forums. I'll have thus created tomorrow.
How i can get partners 4 my team?
We have a section called "Team Challenge Discussion". Here you can discuss anything and everything about team challenge.