Team Challenge 17, Leprechaun Gold

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Team Challenge 17: Leprechaun Gold
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Hi All,

Welcome back to our next Team Challenge - Leprechaun Gold!!

Team Formation Start Time: [6:00am EST | March 13th, 2015]
Team Challenge Start Time: [10:00am EST | March 14th, 2015]
Team Challenge End Time: [12:00pm EST | March 16th, 2015]

Team Challenge Description:
“Turn silver into pots of Leprechaun gold!”

Team Challenge Targets:Leprechaun Hut

Team Challenge Action: Fulfilling Leprechaun Gold contracts at the Leprechaun Hut.


New Generator: Leprechaun Hut

  • Level 1 Contract:
    • Produces: 1 
      Leprechaun Gold
    • Requires:
      • 1000 Silver, 1 Energy+ 2 Water
    • Contract Time: 5 minutes
  • Level 2 Contract:
    • Upgrade: Requires 10 wood, 1000 silver

    • Upgrade Time: 30 minutes
    • Produces: 4
      Leprechaun Gold
    • Requires: 2000 Silver, 2 Energy+ 6 Water

    • Contract Time: 10 Mins
  • Level 3 Contract:
    • Upgrade: Requires 15 wood and 1500 Silver
    • Upgrade Time: 40 minutes
    • Produces:
      9 Leprechaun Gold
    • Requires: 3000 Silver, 4 Energy+ 12 Water
    • Contract Time: 20 minutes
  • Level 4 Contract:
    • Upgrade:
      Requires 20 wood and 2000 Silver
    • Upgrade Time: 60 minutes
    • Produces:
      20 Leprechaun Gold
    • Requires: 4000 Silver, 5 Energy+ 18 Water
    • Contract Time: 40 minutes

New Collectable: Leprechaun Gold


Title Details By Rank:

Ranks 1-3: +600% Silver 12000 Rating Points
Ranks 4-10: +300% Silver 9500 Rating Points
Ranks 11-100: +125% Silver 8000 Rating Points
Ranks 101-500: +60% Silver 7000 Rating Points
Ranks 501-4000: +30% Silver 6000 Rating Points

Title Duration: 7 days

Good luck to all participants and Happy Weekend!


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To upgrade you need 45 wood and 4500 silver.
Then each 20 Leprechaun gold needs: 4000 silver, 18 water, and 5 energy.

So if you don't sleep, have tonic to use, and you don't spend real-world money:
You get 800 Leprechaun gold for 160,000 silver, 720 water, and 200 energy
With the upgrades you will need 164,500 silver, 720 water, 45 wood, and the energy.

Being more realistic, without spending RWM, most can earn 
560 Leprechaun gold for 112,000 silver, 504 water, and 140 energy.
With the upgrades you will need 116,500 silver, 504 water, 45 wood, and the energy.

So there is a big demand on water and silver. If you don't have extra wells, build them now. 
Please let Carol and Wendy know my tablet froze. Have started another canyon, contacted Kiwi to transfer to my other tablet. Waiting for them to make it happen. Hopefully will be online soon!
Anyone else having things displaced by the crystal ball? Also have missing things taking place. Once I close the game things go back to where they were and/or show up again for a little while, then the Gremlin's return to cause havoc again. So much for getting through a TC with no problem! Wrote a ticket, but nothing to be done until Monday.

Wrote a ticket on Wednesday after an update because when I touch the screen anything underneath changes color, and when I tap on the clutter items they jump up before settling down. Just another little hiccup with this game!
Yes I am having the same problem of the crystal ball landing where an object was and thus displacing that object and messing up the order of my canyon AGAIN!!! I too initiated a ticket and fixed my canyon AGAIN!!! Then left the game only to come back later to find another messed up canyon with different items rearranged and there sat the crystal ball again right where a tree was and the tree was displaced among other items as well...AGAIN!!!
I am getting so irrated with these challenges ruining my town it takes weeks to fix and then it happens again  kiwi stop trying to sqeeze money out of us andmake challenges that won't screw up or towns every other week.
I'm sorry, the other topic was closed for commenting accidentally. 

About the issue reported, our Support team will look into your email and assist you at the earliest.
Stuff is still moving around, can't find my well, does WB have a serious VIRUS. Prehaps left by an disgruntled employee.