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72 hours, still can't log in

Sarah Gissel-Hafer 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated 4 years ago 2
72 hours of me trying to get into this game.  i can get into other games, even kiwi games just fine, and nothing for this game.  awesome

1. clear cache
2. attempt to enter game
3.reboot phone
4. attempt to enter game
5.force stop game
6 reboot phone
7. attempt to enter game
8.uninstall game
9.reboot phone
10.reinstall game
11, attempt to enter game
12.clear phone data (all data)
13. attempt to enter game
14.uninstall game
15 clear phone data
16. install game
17. attempt to enter game
18 hard reset internet connection
19clear cache for game
20 attempt to enter the game
21 clear cache for phone again
22 attempt to enter the game
23 drive 30 minutes into cell phone coverage and attempt to enter the game
24 delete cache,
25 attempt to enter the game
26-89 attempt to enter the game
Under review
Hi Sarah,

We are sorry to hear this. Please email at support-wt@kiwiup.com and the issue will be looked into further and resolved.
Are you kidding me?   I have sent 4. FOUR emails!!!