I'm not sure which golden statue you're referring to, but there aren't a lot of them in the quests. I just looked through pretty carefully, and there's only 1 true "golden statue" and that's the Colossus of Rhodes. The Temple of Zeus is a statue with some gold. There are a few El Dorado buildings that could be called statues, but I don't think you're referring to those. 

Note that the page those link to is very incomplete. It hasn't been updated since the end of September due to the fact that I'm the only one working on it and my life has been taking twists and turns. I'm hoping to work on that page soon. The LE pages have been taking precedence.
Oh, and I looked through everything, not just that page, but both the places I get the stuff for that page.
I'm referring to the statues that appear in the clouds . I was told before I had to complete quests for them to appear. I always complete the quests. So I'm not sure why I never get any. I visit other people's areas and they have all kinds of these statues. I play the west bound game
Gotcha! Those are the temples. There are 3, but they change appearance as they are upgraded. I'll get you info on which quests.
You aren't the first person to ask how to get those, but you're the first person to ask when I had time to give a really good answer. I just edited the pages to show the entire list of Quest Series for each temple. (It's not the editing that took the time, that's quick. It's figuring out the list of quests.) I'll give you links to the new lists.

I think you already have this one, but just in case, here is how to get the Temple of XP. The second one is the Temple of Silver, and third is the Temple of Watering Time

All the others you've seen are just upgraded versions of those 3. 
I just realized today that I'm missing the XP temple so I was very happy to see this post, but I don't think it's helping me. I'm level 106, I've gone through the list you made a link to and it seems to me that I've met those requirements. Do you have any thoughts on something that could help me?  I know you're busy but I would appreciate anything you can do for me. 
Thank you so much ! That helps! Now to figure out how to get those quests 😊
Lol yeah that's not easy. But they do depend on the one before them on the list. So finishing "Ado Adobe" gives you "Colossal  Concerns," for example. Hope that helps.