why is it so hard to gain resources??

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I can't get passed level 10, goals ask for to much valuable items axes, silver etc.. I understand it takes time to complete tasks, but it's irritating when you don't get reasonable amount of resources after leveling up I'm not trying to fill out surveys and don't have cash to spend. Would be to find axes, gold, more silver when removing debris. 



yes, you can collect 3 axes from the debris in the game.

Are you now only allowing 3 pickaxes to be obtained per day from clearing sand pockets, oil puddles and rocks?


yes, you can collect 3 axes from the debris in the game.

drudown09... I've been playing for more than 2 years... your complaint has been around that long! It only been in the last year we started getting axes from debris (once a day). You can make silver by growing things... wheat/maze are the quickest way to make silver. Be sure to get what you can from the "Daily" spinning wheel and by visiting your neighbors daily.

Rose, yes, some days it seems like "we" only get 3 axes, instead of 5. However, that seems to very (no rhyme or reason) back and forth between 3 & 5.. But be sure you actually know how many axes you have, before the debris starts giving axes (once a day), as you may actually be getting all 5.

Your Fellow player... LionsRam


Lionsram, do you remember the days when we searched thru the gravel looking for anything at all, not alone axes.

Yes Rose, it wasn't that long ago when there were no axes at all !


Yeah, Phil! No kidding!!!

Hey Lionsram 😀

As you have seen

...I Finally QUIT!


It took time, but I No longer Waste my time.

Looking at the Messages here. ..Makes me wonder. ...

How long is one supposed to put up with their Take-the-Money and Screw the Player's Attitude that Rock You HAS proven OVER and Over Again?

I wish you'd All just QUIT try Pot Farm-Grassroots

I Promise you will Not be Disappointed with This company. ..,

Take Care.


Michelle, I may have to as I'm having the same issue you had!

Hey Lionsram

Yes, I just replied to your email.

I wish you'd All leave this company!

You know my Story, and it Did Not end well for me.

I love Pot Farm-Grassroots

This company Knows their Shit. .haha ha.😁

Good Luck Lionsram, and Good luck to all of the people who've stuck It out This long.

I finally quit 100%..and, it's okay. No stress anymore.

No hiding the money i was spending from my husband ...either. .😉😉-💞


We are sorry to hear about your experience in the game. We have shared the feedback with the team. We will work on this.



PLEASE have your support team respond to my ticket # 553336! I cannot successfully launch Westbound as it crashes (before ever opening) when the blue bar on the Main Launch page reaches ¾…. more than 50 time in a row! Your support desk has not responded to me for more than 5 day.

In ticket # 553336 I reported this issue Thursday at 10:39. Friday at 05:49, Pam replied; “It appears that since you have too many Assets and buildings in the game, it is not loading properly. Can you please try to sell some Assets and buildings which you do not need and see if the game loads fine.”

Friday at 19:11 I replied: What part of my most recent post didn't you understand? I CANNOT successfully launch the Westbound app without it crashing before even opening. As the app worked fine Wednesday night at 10:30PM... and this issue began at Thursday morning, it cannot be related to having too many Assets and buildings in the game. AND as I cannot successfully launch the Westbound app without it crashing before even opening, I also cannot try to sell some Assets and buildings (which I do not need???) to see if the game loads fine.

Not only have I done all of the things typically suggested by your folks... today (Friday), I took my tablet to Verizon and had them do a factory reset, restoring it to its original state, wiping all the apps/memory... I reinstalled ONLY Westbound and it still will not load successfully before even opening!

As I have received no reply to my repeated posts… and as I am one of your top players of the challenges/my team finished in top 3 place nearly every Season for over a year… why don’t you just refund me the $2,000 plus dollars my resources are worth, or should I ask Google for their help with this?

Please fix NOW!


We have reported this to the team. We should have you game fixed soon.


Fellow players, Is this the type of support you would want?

As you know from my post 19 hours ago, my issue is; the Westbound app will not launch (crashes every time when the blue bar is at 3/4 on the launch page). FYI - More than 10 attempts this morning.

After waiting 5 days.... Here is the reply I received this morning;

Anna, Feb 8, 2:42 PM IST:
Hi William,
Please relaunch the app, and also please try to sell few assets in the game. This should reduce the crash in the game
Thanks, Anna

So, it appears Anna/Rockyou is just ignoring the real issue... telling me to do something which I can't do (relaunch, sell few game assets)... as the Westbound app will not launch since last Thursday.

Fellow players, Is this the type of support you would want? Thank you for all your emails!

Anna, if you are still listening, I need your help, please!

Per my request Wednesday RY moved me to another Android Device… but it (also) still crashes when the blue bar gets to 3/4 (app never launches). So Thursday I ask they move Westbound back to my original devise (as it newer)... instead (a few minutes ago) Pam/RY closed the ticket and moved the request to another open ticket, without transferring it.

Wednesday RY has responded to me with... “Please relaunch the app, and also please try to sell few assets in the game. This should reduce the crash in the game.” As my Android Device was still crashing when the blue bar gets to 3/4 (app never launches), Thursday I replied "Yes, PLEASE run that one more fix to my game account" "Please reply to; if you have or have not done run that one more fix." A few minutes ago Pam/RY replied "We have gone ahead and implemented the fix once more. Please do a clear data and try to load the game." However, it appears Pam/RY is ignoring the real issue... telling me to do something, which I can't do (relaunch, sell few game assets)... as the Westbound app STILL will not launch AND they ignored my request to transfer the app back to my newer Android tablet.

Additionally, I opened a new game (as LionsRam2) on my iPhone, since Thursday afternoon, I am not able to open the Store and purchase anything, no matter what I go to, the loading circle just spins but never opens.

Fellow players, Thank you for your continuing support! Anna HELP!!!


We have requested our developers to look into the issue. We will have your game fixed soon.

UPDATE: Thank you fellow players for all your support and your emails… and thank you Admin Anna! There is Good news / Bad news… for me!

Good news; After 8 days, 3 support tickets, numerus post on the Forum along with you, my fellow players help… and with, what I believe was the result of getting up a 2AM (CST-USA) this morning… I was able to communicate with RY while they were “at work”. Finally, around 4AM, I was able to successfully launch Westbound on my original devise…Yeah!

Bad news: My Westbound still generally crashes within 10 minutes (or less of) play... (Crashing) typically when clearing debris or while moving around on the screen looking for chests and won't load unless I clear data/force stop. However: If working on a task (i.e. tapping on the choc cookie) the game typically doesn't crash.

So. though Pam/RY suggested “we would like to run one more fix to your game account, but if we implement this, the layout of your island will be changed. However, none of the assets or resources will be deleted.” When Westbound finally launched this morning nothing in My Canyon had changed… and though Pam/RY suggestion “Please relaunch the app, and also please try to sell few assets in the game. This should reduce the crash in the gameapparently did not help, as I got rid of 200+ houses… but Westbound still crashes (as it has since July of 2015).

Thank you all, again! At least I can enter this week’s challenge with my team!


Admin Anna,

Would you please help me! Why does RY support fall silent for so long? (This seems to happen to me a lot!)

Request #556699 last reply from Support was February 16, 2017 05:28... I replied back at 15:31 same day and am still (7 days later) waiting. Request #562195 was received by Support Tuesday at 22:40 with no reply. So, please help me understand, is Support just ignoring my 2 requests? If they are doing something, it would seem reasonable to at least tell me what going on. Is this really the message RY wants to project to players concerning support?

Thank you for your help in the past, I look forward to your involvement addressing this!


Admin Anna,

Thank you for your involvement addressing Support about my issue! I still do not understand why my requests go days with no reply from Support, which is very frustrating!

Thank you, again,


Im glad there is an improvement lionsram . Hopefully support will look at improving things more and it could help find why others are problems too . All the best , speak soon ..........Anne