What led to events like golden seed etc.?

drudown09 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Mary Jones 4 years ago 2
Why did game developers create events such as golden seed, pick your prize etc.? Was it there response to pickaxes being hard to gain?  
    I have seen online support stating they'll pass ideas/issues about pickaxes to the game developers, which I have not seen any improvements. Can it/will it that be improved? I'm sure the people who gain axes by earning them by playing daily, participate in bonus and by leveling up find it just as hard as I do to earn pickaxes. 
No, those are "the house always wins" events... sorry. 
Did anyone else notice that the Google Play Games Achievements for both Westbound and Shipwrecked are playing these "house wins" games instead of the milestones reached by building and leveling up?