Team Challenge Generators: Will they be used in future challenges?

Tom Sandidge 3 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Michele 3 years ago 3
I have the rattlesnake, rice pudding, cinnamon , and prairie dog generators in my canyon. I like the way they look, but would like to know if they will ever be used in future challenges? If they will not be used again, is there a chance we could either have them treated as decor items and remove the balloons over them, which serve no real purpose now? If that can be done, then would it also be possible to remove the rattlesnakes, cinnamon, etc. from our inventory lists to save time scrolling while looking for usable items. In the alternative, if they cannot be used simply as decor items, could you then consider having them award us with xp, silver, or tonic? It just seems silly to leave them in the canyons as they are now with their balloons crowding the landscape. Thank you.

P.S. With respect to the balloons over everything, would you all plese create a visual mode whereby we can see our own canyons as our neighbors see them? I would love to view my canyon in something other than the green grid. The grid does remove the clutter of all the balloons, but it also takes away all the moving animals. As it is now, none of us really get to enjoy and appreciate our canyons as our neighbors can, and that makes me a bit sad.
Hey Admins / RockYou... PLEASE listen to Tom's suggestions... they make so much sense! (Thank you Tom!)

Other folks on this forum, if you also agree with Tom... at the very least PLEASE give HIM a Thumbs Up vote to get Admins / RockYou attention to this suggestion!!!
Thanks, Lionsram ! By the way, this is AngelFire1996. My canyon got linked to my husband's account when I transferred the game to a new device.
Hey Tom