28 items required, only allowed to hold 25

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I'm on my 4th, maybe 5th time doing the Santa Fe portion of bay or bust. Here's the problem. I've made more then 40.. yes FORTY wheels/unicycle. The problem,  is that the inventory only holds 25. But i have to have 28 to go to the next level. Wanna fix this?
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How am I supposed to produce 25 snow shovels for the first step of the SANTA FE quest, when the invintory only lets you hold 25?? The other "choice" is to supply 66 cowboy stews. I get its a "challange" but come on!! My supplies and crops were all maxed out, and I was only able to produce 8 cowboy stews before running out of crops!!! What gives?? Is this not really a choice?? Is this a mistake?? Did the developers overlook the fact they only allowed 25 snowshovels to be held in invintory when they made these challanges?? 
ALL of my crops were maxed out as well as all of my invintory (I thought maybe thats why I got these new challanges), now a TON of my crops (wheat, corn, carrots, beans, ect. Everything needed to make corn doggers and cowboy stew) are now at ZERO and all I have to show for it is 8 cowboy stews!!! What a WASTE of time, crops, and supplies!! Im LIVID I even ATTEMPTED to make those 66 cowboy stews!! LIVID!! I WASTED all my stuff for NOTHING, because of a glitch!! 
This has made it OBVIOUS  to me that the developers do not even bother to play thier games through before releasing them, because if they took the time to do that, this wouldnt be a problem, I would still have all my wasted supplies, and I wouldnt be so pissed!! Ive said before I wasnt going to let myself get this upset over these games, but they do it to me ALL THE TIME!! 
KIWI....PLEASE REALIZE it took me A LOT OF TIME to harvest all my crops to max out my invintory,  and now they are GONE and I have to start again from scratch!! THANKS A LOT!!
You should be able to hold a higher amount of items from the general store in your invintory!! Otherwise, how are we supposed to supply the needed items and complete the quests?
Because there is no longer an option to say how your feeling anymore, just incase you couldnt tell, im LIVID and IRRITATED beyond belief. 
Hi All,

We are aware of the issue with Santa Fe quest collectables with inventory limiting them. Our developers are currently looking into this and will be fixed ASAP.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Good to know it's being fixed. What about all the hammers and wood I'm out?  Will you be adding those now lost recources back to my account?  Or am i just out of luck,  because your game wasnt carefully looked over before the new saga was released?
Hi Sarah,

What exactly do you mean by lost hammers and wood? Could you please be more specific with these collectables?
I made over 40 wheels,  when only 25 are allowed in storage. It didn't occur to me that your game was in released with errors that would cost me recources. Each set of wheels takes 4 wood, and a hammer. Since i made more then 40 sets, which is more then 160 wood, and more then 40 hammers, but am only showing 25 wheels, which is 12.5 sets. Those pieces of wood,  those hammers. That's what I'm talking about.   And i see that my response was not tagged to my post,  but someone else's.
the following is what i posted,  and even sent in a message to support. (Which hasn't even been realized)

I'm on my 4th, maybe 5th time doing the Santa Fe portion of bay or bust. Here's the problem. I've made me then 40.. yes FORTY wheels/unicycle. The Peruvian,  is that the inventory only holds 25. But i gave to have 28 to go to the next level. Wanna fix this?

Thank you for the details. Once this issue is fixed (which will be very soon), Support Team will go ahead and restore the items in your account.
The issue with Sante Fe quest collectables has been fixed.