Want to find a new team!

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Hi I'm Lionsram and I'm looking to join a new team (as the team I joined was a dud)!
The captain only got 40 acorns, and the third person (we never got a forth) only got 1 acorn... to my 260 acorns! I'm on level 91 with about 2.5 million points in the regular game... and for the Team Quest, I ranked 1044 (Lumberjack... kept dropping back from Cowpoke) and am hoping to find a team which will at least work with me!
Please friend me, if you'd add me to your team
I did 370 and my teammate 1120. We had a 2 person team. She thinks she's found a 3rd, and I can ask her about adding you as well, if you're interested. 
Hi I was by myself & completed 353, even though several times the connection went LOST, & the game reset back half a hour losing work in that time.  Would luv to join z team
If we have another spot, Sally, although I'm not the final decision maker
Sally and Lionsram both, there was room, send request to Minkeyswife. I'll send you one just for kicks if you have neighbor slots, but you really just need hers. 
Oh, and Minkeyswife is very nice to work with
Wow! You're a real expert... been looking at your posts and your web pages!!! THANK YOU!!!

As to the team challenge; Who will the "Join The Challenge" come from?
Thank you all! I'd like to join when it let us make changes, if you'll have me. 
FYI - I accepted all the Neighbor Requests I received, thank you for the invites! 
Who will the Join The Challenge come from? 
Minkeyswife will send that, and thanks so much!
Michelle, I see there are a now a lot of folks looking for new teams... and many are apparently in possession of a lot of tonic... making it so they can harvest extra acorns (or harvest what ever our next challenge is)/more than I may be able to... so if you and Minkeyswife are going to pass on me, I would understand! However, if you aren't going to invite me to your team, please let me know as soon as possible so I can start campaigning with others! Thank you for all the help you provide and considering me for your team!

I am committed to harvest at least as much as last time and plan to exceed it (at the very least 260).
We're more concerned about whether you are respectful of all team members and such than whether you're swimming in tonic! Just do your best and be good to work with. We're glad to have you.
It appears team forming is open! However, it also appears it's a fresh start... I look forward to an invitation... will it still come from Minkeyswife?
Your future teammate,
Yes, I will... I just appreciate your team allowing me to join!
Is there any word what the next challenge will involve?  The challenge starts here at  2 or 3 am  local time (australia)  - I will reply ASAP!!
It'll come from Minkeyswife, and she hasn't sent yet. If I don't see one when I get back from my appointment I'll email her.
How do you join a team? I don't even know how.
Shelly, I'm no expert at this... and frankly answering would be more accurate if a Challenge was open and I could look at an actual page... but as no one else replied...
as I recall, once the Challenge opens, you can invite folks to join your team (from your Neighbors)if you want to try and form a team... however, you cannot join a team until someone invites you. I would suggest you watch who's posting what (here on the Forum) and respond to those looking to add active players... then contact them thru the forum.  Hope that helps, a little.
Did you find a team to join?
As this forum does not allow us to close a subject, please note that I found a GREAT team... and the last weekends Challenge was a big success! So, I am NO LONGER LOOKING FOR A NEW TEAM.