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It says I need the carpenter to make flat boards But I can't find it anywhere, does anyone know here to find it?
A level 12, you should get the series The Lost Workshop. Doing that series will get you the carpenter. 
By the way, never search with pickaxes unless a quest tells you to. Even then, only use 3 pickaxes per quest because if you don't find something  (other than a chest) in 3, there is a bug or other problem. That's when to get help. :-)
I'm at level 17. I looked at my series and I have it and supposedly I have found the carpenter and just need to clean off the dirt but it's not anywhere on my map
Well, now, that's a problem. Just to be sure you're looking for the right thing, when you first discover it, it looks like this. 

Now, for missing buildings, I recommend this troubleshooting section: Structure Disappeared. Good luck.

I made a huge mistake - When I had the quest to find the carpenter I accidentally finished the quest by paying gold bars for it. I did not mean to do this. Because of this I have no carpenter and therefore cannot finish buildings. I have searched my inventory (not there), uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and still no luck. I also contacted support and have not received a response. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!

  • You see this is why THE CARPENTER looks like when completed!
  • Good luck!

I know what it looks like and that is why I can say for 100% sure I DON'T have it. It is not anywhere on my game, not in my inventory and not on my map. I have moved every building I have just in case it was hidden, but it is no where to be found. As I said, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no effect, and even contacted support but did not receive any help from them. If there is something else I should do please let me know. I play on my Kindle Fire if that helps at all.

Based on what you have written, it would appear only RockYou support can fix this,

This is the type of thing which they use to be good at addressing... but lately, no one seems to be having much luck with support.

I'd suggest opening another ticket with them and plead you case (again)... maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones!

Here's wishing you a lot of luck!