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Debi Miller 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Lionsram 3 years ago 17
Anyone else being told they didn't place in the Gem Panning TC last weekend? It shows I am at Rodeo Wrassler #49, and I have been getting the 125% tonic for this placement. Just curious if this is my team or others seeing the same thing.
I have the same issue only I lost my tonic bonus as well.  I opened a ticket with Kiwi about this just now.
Have also written a ticket. Won't have an answer from Kiwi until after Monday.
You're confusing the 2 scores..the tonic reward you're getting is for the weekly challenge. Your rank, #49, is for the season challenge. Hope that clears it up for you!
I wasn't confusing the scores, maybe I wasn't clear. The issue is my entire team is showing we didn't place when you tap on the Easter season TC, but we show as being in the Rodeo Wrassler position and as team #49 overall. If we didn't place, how can we be at that level for the first TC for this season? Does this make more sense?
Ok..yeah, that makes more sense! Sorry! This has happened several times in challenges, both in Westbound and shipwrecked..they ""reimburse" you after the fact but of course you never get back what you lost! Everybody needs to email kiwi and you can also open a ticket through kiwiup.freshdesk
Good luck..this was another one of those issues they said that would not happen in future challenges after they fixed it last time! Raise heck with them until you get compensated!!!
Same here.  Lost my tonic and says I didn't place.
Sorry to hear about the tonic loss. Wonder what Kiwi will credit you with. Hope it is worth the hassle!
Had the same thing happen before after the Soda Sippin challenge back in February.  It happened then as well as now that when the team creation for the next challenge is started on Fridays it knocks out our bonuses.
I didn't think I was getting the correct amount ALL WEEK!
it's just ALWAYS something with kiwi...😞
This has happened to me before, and has happened again. The last time Kiwi only reimbursed me with 10,000 tonic. 
I don't normally check my challenge histories. I just did and, sure enough, for Gem Panning it says "Did not place". All of my previous ones look OK. I just submitted a ticket. 
I will check from now on.
I too checked...out says I did nit place!
yet on the top it says...99
anybody know what that's about?
I have the same issue... lost my tonic bonus as well. I opened a ticket with Kiwi about this just now as I know they don't work the weekends!.
Under review
The boost reward - tonic is for the Weekly Challenge which is valid for 7 days at the end of Challenge and Season history is different which will be rewarded only at the end of current Season.
As the first challenge for this seasonal history I should NOT see "did not place" when I tap on the Eastertide history along with the heading of being in a high placement for this stage of this season. Rather confusing to say the least. Just another problem that others said happened to them back in February and rather than being fixed is still happening. Do YOU see a problem here?
Maximus; The Weekly Gem Challenge WAS NOT valid for 7 days at the end of that Challenge... as many of us saw "did not place" when we tap on the Eastertide history after the Cherry Pie Challenge started... we lost our Tonic boost for at least 3 days... only to see our placing status changing back to what we earned, after the Cherry Pie Challenge ended (and getting the boost was over)! We look forward to your explanation!
I've been playing westbound over TWO years. The problems are getting WORSE AND WORSE AND INSTEAD OF FIXING THINGS...THEY'RE JUST.. getting worse😒 
I'm on level 198....and I have gone from LOVING to ALMOST HATING EVEN LOGGING ON.....I invite there's ALL-ways a problem!