expedition to st. louis - snow shovels.

tiffylizzy 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Zieu 4 years ago 2
in the expedition quest, I need 30 snow shovels. my inventory only allows me 25
Its a complete joke!!
If they had played these quests first before releasing them, they would have noticed such an error!!
I wasted almost all my maxed out crops, and time, trying to somehow produce 66 cowboy stews, and have 8 to show for it, and instead of my invintory all being maxed out....like EVERY SINGLE THING WAS MAXED OUT....thats why I thought I got these new challanges, many of my items (used to make corndoggers, cowboy stew) are now at 0!!!
Im beyond angry as all I have to show for this is 8 cowboy stews and LOADS of tonic and time wasted!!
I also wasted TONS of wood and pitchforks making shovels. Finally I realized the shovels were not showing up anymore, and realized I maxed out at 25. More of a waste!! 
What a joke!!

Is anyone else as mad/or does anyone else agree that if they had played this through before releasing it, this would have not been an issue?? I mean come on!! I get it, there is A LOT that goes into developing, but if they had played this through themselves first, they would have EASILY caught this!!! Its not just some little thing. Its HUGE and an easy fix!!
Make sure yall can do them, BEFORE giving them to us!!

I wish I could get all my wasted supplies/tonic back I WASTED because of this. 
But I know I have a better chance of winning the mega millions or getting blood from a stone. 

Now we dont have the option to say how we are feeling anyomre, but just incase you couldnt tell, im LIVID and IRRITATED!!
Hi All,

We are aware of the issue with Santa Fe quest collectables with inventory limiting them. Our developers are currently looking into this and will be fixed ASAP.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.