Limited Edition Quests

Bebe Cooper Astra Thorne 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Michelle Gordon-Krohling 4 years ago 6
I have played Westbound  on my iPad for months.  I have seen mention of limited edition quests all over the forums. I am not getting them on my iPad. I downloaded the game on my phone last night, and by level six i  was being offered the limited edition quests. I have all my money that I have spent on the iPad, and actually rather play on the iPad. Is there a reason I am not getting the quests or the Winded City  series side games? I have sent out maybe five emails between my devices and have not gotten a response. Please help me. 
Did you get other quests on your iPad? If you got none, it's probably fixable. If you got regular quests but not Limited Edition (LE) Series, then that's more likely some sort of a device-specific availability issue. 

I realize the picture is probably nicer on the iPad, but if you would rather have the LE's, you can get your advanced game moved to the other device.
Hey Raeyin! No, I never got any quests on my iPads. I emailed help like you taught me how to do over on the wiki post. Kept it to one subject. Lol. And, have not heard from them. I loaded the game on two different iPads, they actually linked up and recognized. So I am at the same level on both iPads. As for the phone, it did not recognize my email like I hoped it would.  I am Frustrated because I finally got a limited  and can't use the Axes I bought. Lol. Hopefully it will be fixed. I just won't complete the limiters....thank you for trying to help me Raeyin, you are appreciated.
Ps. I can't see my phone as well. So there is no need to transfer the game over. 
Hm. Well, if you had an Android, I would tell you to try clearing data. But I'm not sure if iPad even has that. If it does, it will be in iPad's application management or settings, not inside the game. See if you can find it. 

The data that gets cleared isn't your game. It's some images, which will downoad again as you play, your game settings (so if you, say, turned off sound you'll have to redo it), and some technical stuff that breaks sometimes. If you had quests, they would resay some dialog but otherwise stay in the right spot. 
This is what I heard back today. 

Device Id: 353023050346753
Android Id: 188de160cd14e63c
Device Model: SGH_T999
Manufacturer: samsung
OS Version: 4.3
App Version: 1.4.2
Language: English (United States)

I have been playing westbound on my ipad for a while now. I am at level 37. I started the game on my phone in order to see if I would get the limited edition game options. Which I did. Why am I not getting them on my ipad? Ipad device id is 8B8952FA 092E 47CB A814 2CFF5F56EBF4. Can you help me to understand why I am not getting the same game on different devices? I am also not getting the side game to go to Chicago, Denver etc.

Thank you for your help in this matter,
Beatrice Cooper

From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

This is what I was emailed back:

***As we recently started with iOS we are still in progress with contents. The game is linked to the phone so you can play on one of the device.

I am just going to quit worrying about it. I will play on my ipad and not have the limited edition game options. Heh, will save me lots of money in the long run. lol. ;) I did not listen to your advice on this email evidently,( I have sent 5) they did not even comment on the main jest of the subject...Limited Edition stuffs.....

Thank you so much Raeyin for all your help!

Ps. I tried to clear cache as best I could on the ipad. It did not work. Good advice though. I beta tested for Inworldz. a virtual reality world, and I was customer service/ help desk for the new residents using the game. 1st rule of thumb is cleaning cache. 
When they said "we are still in progress with the contents" they meant they haven't added all that stuff to iOS yet. So your decision is a sound one.