how do i earn gold screws?

Nichole Porter 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Lionsram 3 years ago 8
It says i earn then by completing the map but whT what map?
I have redone Sergio's journeys repeatedly but still have no gold screws, just a much lighter inventory. How often must we repeat trips before we get more gold screws?
Same problem here but with ballpeen hammers. I keep completing various maps but they never drop. I give up.
Hi Nichole.Mary/Bloobagoo,

The gold screws collectable will be received by playing the journey maps. This collectable is received on a probability basis and the chances of earning it is more by playing repeatedly.

Maxiumus, if that's the case then it's unbearably frustrating. It takes a whole day and a lot of in-game attention to complete numerous short tasks (collect sand debris, grow wheat, make corn dodgers, produce nails, etc.) to get through one map and then not obtain the collectable. 
I totally understand your frustration. But playing these maps more frequent, chances are higher to receive the collectables.
So what you're Is that we have to waste a ton of resources without the guarantee of actually accomplishing anything? 
I've been stuck on this one level and no matter how much time I invest in to it I can't seem to more up  and have been working on it for days
Christina, not sure I understand what you mean... this most recent Trailsweeper Quest (Chircahua Mountains) is/was a Limited Edition (LE) which should have netted you Gold Screws... there is no moving up (that I am aware of) after that / however this is the third of theses LEs... so there may be more, later!. Mine currently shows earning a Ballpeen Hammer... but my experience with other Trailsweeper Quests are, that you don't always get what is pictured!

However, if you are referring to the original Trailsweeper Quest, which City are you stuck on?