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can not get temple to open

Cvanlin2 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by rockhound2 2 years ago 6
I have a "shadow' of the watering icon and have had it for months but it will not open how do I get it to open completed all the quests for it along time ago 
You're going to want to email tech support for this one. They can do a lot more in email. The best way to email them is from in-game as it fills the email with tech info, saving you time in getting the problem fixed.
  1. Open your game
  2. Tap the triangle on the right
  3. Tap the gears
  4. Look for "Help and Support"
    1. If you find it, tap "Report an Issue"
    2. Choose your issue type
    3. If you don't find it, tap "About Us" and tap the email address
  5. Either way, it will start an email with info
  6. Add a detailed description of your problem and send
If they don't answer within a week, come back here. 
well no surprise No response yet so please address this I am on level 73 I completed the series to open the temple a long time ago  it is still a "shadow' on my game wont open wont let me upgrade wont let me do anything with it just continues for the last 35 levels to say continue to expand your game to open  REALLY?? 
Under review
Have you emailed at support-wt@kiwiup.com? If not, please do now and will ensure your issue is looked into further and resolved at the earliest.
I have e-mailed I NEVER get an answer when I e-mail and I am now level 90 and still do not have the temple of watering :( 
correction I have emailed 3 times on this now I cant even stay logged in I log in collect one or two buildings and am kicked off the game emailed that issue too and posted here and sent private e-mail still no answer so not sure I will keep playing when I get my new phone after the new year too many issues and I spend "real" money monthly also to play 

I am having the same problem, and it wont go away. I see the temple of watering, but it is on the left side of the mountains, which we cannot go to. If the temple could be moved to the right side of the mountains that would solve everything, as thats where we can dig in the canyon.