More animals?

Tracy Blackfox 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated 4 years ago 8
I think it would be really cool if we could have more animals like goats and pigs and especially a cat.  All farms or ranches need cats to keep mice out of the grain!  
Barn cats (the kind on farms and ranches) can be tough! My grandparents have them. But Norma could handle them. :)
Indeed!  I see how kids drag cats around and the cats don't do much to get away lol
Some places use ferrets to control mice.
No ferrets...this game is already a bit goofy with the dinosaurs and stuff like that :P  What's next..emu?  
Lol, most of the goofy animals are from American West tall tales. Having lived in the Mojave desert before, I'm thinking coyotes, roadrunners and long eared rabbits, but not Bugs and Wile E!
Hey, that's good to know about the tall tales. 
I'm used to tales like jackalopes, mutant/radioactive creatures (think giant ants), and actual odd but real threats like mormon crickets.
I am more used to prehistoric creatures being reported in northern, colder climates.
Hmmm maybe they could have a section where we could put our dinosaurs and the like one day.  I really like the North Pole section and someone mentioned here it'd be nice if we could put our winter things in storage there.  I think it'd be neat to have new areas to dress up actually.  I'm a few months into the game so I don't have much time invested in decorating, but I do like that idea and having other areas to make cool.  The El Dorado area and snowy mountains are so lonely with that poor guy up there with nothing to do but wait.  I think those folks need something to do.  But yes, to stay on topic, we do need more farm critters on a farm.  I love having what I got walking around, but would so love to see a few more...at least a cat and a goat would make me happy :)