Idea for making 1 weekend person enough

Michelle Gordon-Krohling 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Jennifer La Counte 4 years ago 5
I've done management. I've never been tech support, but I've worked as primary admin on Westbound Wiki for over a year now. I have an idea how these things work. 

Keeping a large team on the weekend would be extremely difficult. 1 person (who can be hired for weekends or rotated among existing employees) can watch the forums and go through a small fraction of the email messages. I think you should have automatic filters on your weekend email messages to make sure that 1 person sees the right ones. A few keywords I would suggest:
  • Challenge
  • TC
  • LE
  • Limited
  • Upset (and similar words)
You might do a few test searches to see if those keywords would create a manageable workload. You could even designate a week for everyone to flag critical messages that are missing those keywords for analysis. That way, you can look for keywords that you need to be filtering that you haven't thought of. 
I think kiwi is making way TOO much money for there to be THIS MANY PROBLEMS on a regular basis. Absolutely, it would be good business for them to be open 24/7.
Maybe it's time for some CHANGES Up IN MANAGEMENT!
Think you have an excellent suggestion... n considering the challenge is run over the weekend perhaps 3 or 4 people to resolve issues.
And it probably wouldn't hurt for kiwi to be proactive n conduct more extensive IOP testing prior to release of new versions.
Tami E is on my team ... n my heart breaks for her n what she is going thru... but Kiwi needs to realize that with a situation like this there are 4 people being affected.
Depending on the outcome of this debacle I may just demand refunds for monies spent for the challenges n quit kiwi altogether.  I have struggled all weekend since being forced to do the update... at least 75 occurences of lockups requiring force stop or westbound has stopped or carson is tinkering..  This has been extremely frustrating n annoying... but not even close to what Tami has gone through since yesterday morning.
I am not buying into the supposition that it is the device n its memory allocated as I had NO issues prior to the update yesterday morning.  And I know Tami was on until late Fri/early Sat prior to being made to update.
Another idea is to allow the uodate to be optional... I personally would wait until Mon.  But I understand the mandatory is part of their marketing,  lots of users on for the challenge... still, is it worth it if you leave a bunch of good customers upset n not satisfied??
My husband does support and they will have to work odd hours when something is going on.
I know one game company does its updates on Tuesday so problems are dealt with during the week.
If you run special events you arrange for people to be on,
Or run them when people are already on
Or make them longer then the time crunch is less.
Kiwi has also said that they do monitor the forums on the weekends.... im not exactly sure what all that entails...