Unable to clear items when I visit El Dorado.

Royal Zidarich 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Lionsram 2 years ago 20
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Hi Royal,

Can you please try again and let me know if the issue still persists? 
Have trie to clear items every time I have visited. Only able to move the person icon. (Today 10-20-2014)
Hi Royal,

Please email at support-wt@kiwiup.com and Support Team will look into your account and fix the issue related to El Dorado.

I unistalled the Westbound game from my tablet & then installed the game version from playstore.  The problem of clearing items did not work.  Issue was not fixed
We have received your email and our Support team will look into this and respond back at the earliest.  Sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused. 
I have the same problem: Impossible to clear items in ElDorado.
Johan, maybe you should email, too?
I was instructed to wait for a quest involving El Dorado. I just compleed the quest but still can't clear the obstacles that appear in the El Dorado site. Please HELP!!!
I wonder if you're looking at the items that are not supposed to be able to clear? Pillars and such? 
In the beginning there were objects that could be cleared and gave silver. Such as pillar like with and without green and objects that looked like trees or shrubs. Later this clearing was and still is not possible.
I have still having this issue. The  objects I am trying to clear are the same objects that I use to be able to clear. I am able to explore the surrounding area. But why can't I clear the objects? Tech support needs to get this issue fixed!!!!!
They posted this: El Dorado Trees and Decor

I feel bad for you that there was so much confusion and I think support should have answered you directly in addition to the public announcement.  
The same here: Still no possibility to clear objects in Eldordo.
You won't be able to. The objects you want to clear are the ones they are referring to in that announcement.
I cannot clear them either... and no response from support, after more than 2 weeks of waiting.
Hi Lionsram,

Did you not receive any response from support team? Could you please email them at support-wt@kiwiup.com and will ensure your issue will be looked into and responded at the earliest.
Dear Admin-RST, as I cannot reply to your email (as it's a noreply email address)... thank your for your email to me, and your commitment to "ensure" a response "at the earliest". I sent the email at 4:17PM Dallas time today. I look forward to your reply!

I cannot clear them either.


As a fellow player, I'm sorry to hear about your issues. If you are referring to (what looks like) debris; Pillars, Trees and potted Shrubs… it’s been 2 years since “we” could clear them.They are like the Trees on Snowy Mountain, Décor which you cannot tap on and receive rewards.

When this initial post was started (over 2 years ago), these objects in El Dorado could be cleared and gave silver. But this clearing has not been possible for over 2 years, At that time The Admins wrote: Eldorado Trees and other images are just decor and do not reward on tapping them. Only go to El Dorado when instructed to for a quest.

As a fellow player… Based on my years of playing,

If you need advice from other players (or just want to vent) this is the place (here on this Forum)

DO NOT expect RY to respond or to fix anything posted on this Forum

DO NOT expect RY to make any Global (for everyone) fixes...

If you need RY to fix something, open a ticket (with support) from inside the game... if/when you do, be sure to tell them of your issue... after they look into your issue, they will typically will help you within 48 hours (except on weekends).

You can also go to rockyou.zendesk.com and open a ticket.

Hope this helps!

Best of luck!