A praise for the correct exchange rate!

Sylvia Vahlsing 3 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Zieu 3 years ago 1
Hello Kiwi team!
I praise you for something that should be a matter of course:

You are the only Kiwi game with the correct exchange rate.
Congratulations! 🎉
You charge for the bundle of $ 19,99 =>  € 17,62.     what is the correct rate.
In Shipwrecked and Volcano island they changed for $ 19,99 from € 20,41 to € 21,87.  what is wrong.
I filed it several times but they didn't correct it so I have to assume they charge more on purpose.
I don't know what the reason of the responsable employee  for this betrayel is.....maybe  he/she creates an extra kiwi-tax. 💵

I'm just happy that you are honest and charge the correct price!   💶. 

🌴🌻 Treeflower🌴🌻.        aka 🐝🐝 Beeflower🐝🐝
Hi Sylvia,

We have updated and corrected the exchange pricing across all our games.