clearing data?

Tami E 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated 4 years ago 5
I was told by support to clear my "data" in order to get my team chat working again. I've cleared the "cache" but that did not help. I'm scared to clear my "data" because I don't want to losse my game. I play on my cell phone. Does clearing "data" take away all of your game" please help
Clearing Data is a longtime fix for lots of problems. Your game is stored on the server. That said, in the last 3 months or so, there have been maybe 4 instances of people temporarily losing games by triggering a bug when clearing data. Support can absolutely fix it if that happens, it is exceptionally rare, and it hasn't happened in about 3 updates.

If that's what you need to do to fix your game, you should do it. 
Forgot to mention the inconveniences. 
  • You will see green squares for pictures. The pictures just need play time to download.
  • Your settings, like sound, will be cleared
  • Quests will have "new" arrows and will resay some dialog. However, they will really be in the right place. 
  • Some images will be replaced by defaults, like Carson. Those *should* download with time. 
I did clear my data but it didn't fix the problem. Support said the team challenge is over so it doesn't matter. Supposedly its going to be fixed before the next team challenge. I'm not counting on it. I'm getting very discouraged with the game now. They're keeps being lots of problems and I have to keep emailing support. Then I have to beg them to give me wastes resources. I spend over $100 dollars a month on this game. The least they can do is give me my resources back when something is broken. I'm thinking about deleting the game. 
I can't say whether you should keep the game. But you certainly can find an alternative to chat before the next team challenge. 

You can agree with your team members to talk in a thread here or you can exchange email addresses with them. Email is a quick, multiparty, private way to converse.
That's what I did last time, talk on here. It's just annoying all the hproblwms