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Can you remove the 1/1 items (ie items found in the Canyon/Mine to make quests) from the Collectables? It makes it difficult to scroll through the Collectables screen to see what crops etc I'm low on. Thanks
On another note, the snow was a nice touch! 
I've always thought (and people have commented) that it would be great if they had more buttons than "Collectables" and "Inventory." Really, all those quest items should be in their own category. There are lots and lots of quest items, and like you said, it makes it hard to figure out what's going on with the collectables we're actually concerned about. I haven't counted, but I probably have a couple hundred quest items at least. Wait, I've done almost 200 regular quests and an unknown number of LE's.... I probably have 500 quest items at least. I get to scroll through those every time I need to find out how much water I have for a Team Challenge. 

Another really nice thing would be a quick and easy way to figure out what's up with them without opening "Collectables" at all. For example, when I go to make a nail, if I have no iron it shows 0/1 iron. But if I have 5 iron, it shows a checkmark. If I have 105 iron, it shows the same checkmark. That is so annoying. It could show 5/1 in green, with the green indicating that it's enough. 

This would also solve a minor issue with Trailsweeper. When choosing routes, it's sometimes impossible to tell which route uses more resources. If I have enough ropes for one route and enough stew for the other, it won't tell me how many of each I would use. I've even had to choose between routes that used 2 nails and 4 nails. Luckily I didn't have any nails. Otherwise I might have used 4 nails for no reason. 
I agree about the Collectables display.  I really don't see the point of having them in the display because they are not truly "collectables" since you have already used them in the quest and  you don't really have them anymore.  (e.g. you found Dynamite to blow up a Lava Vent.  Once you blow up the lava vent you don't have the dynamite anymore) Trying to find out how much Wood or Wheat I have takes an excessive amount of scrolling with so many items in there.  It might not be obvious to new players, but it really gets annoying when you get on up in the game.

Also agree about the display when you have enough of whatever item it is.  It should still tell you how much you are spending and not just a check mark that you have enough.  For new players this can be a big issue when something takes 2,000 silver and you have 2,000 silver and you do the item only to find out you just spent all of your silver.  This game is supposedly about resource management, and it's hard to budget if you don't know what you are spending.

Sort of disagree about the Trailsweeper thing.If you were out on the trail in the real frontier driving your horse and wagon and come to a fork in the trail there isn't going to be a sign that tells you what you are about to encounter on the way.  You take your chances and hope you have enough supplies.