is anybody else having as much trouble with their game as I am ?

christina 28 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Lionsram2 1 year ago 6
My game is adding jungle and not letting me use swords where I want.white spots and black boxes everywhere.
Under review
Hi Christina,

Sorry to hear this. Please email at support-wt@kiwiup.com and your issue will be investigated further and resolved.

I'm having so many problems it's rediculaus ! 

Did they " investigate further and resolve"?


Ive come to a screeching halt .I keep checking in to see if anything is fixed but OF COURSE it isn't .


my game wouldn't open. 

I had to FORCE STOP it anytime i wanted to go into the game yesterday. 

I am so disappointed with rock you. 

Empty promises😢

I wish you luck, but please don't hold your breath 😵

Please drop an email to our support team with the details of the issue in the game. We are here to assist you. Please write to us via support.rockyou.com