Hilarious Caption Contest!

Zieu 4 years ago in Facebook Contest • updated by Jack London 3 years ago 8
Hi All,

We have some exciting news! Our first ever Facebook Contest has already started! Check out our Facebook page for more details. A hefty reward will be given to the top 3 winners of the contest!


1st Winner --> 15 axes
2nd Winner --> 10 axes
3rd Winner --> 5 axes


1) One entry per user and only the first Caption posted by an User will be considered - Please refrain from posting multiple captions
2) Offensive, Racist content in the caption not allowed. Entries with such contents will be disqualified
3) Participants will need to reply back via “Comment” to the Contest Post on Westbound FaceBook Page with your Hilarious and Catchy Caption
4) The Best Hilarious Caption will be judged by Kiwi Admin Panel and rewarded

Rush now to our Facebook page and post your caption to win Swords!!

Click here --> 
Westbound Facebook
I would just like to say, you need to fix your picture... Last time I checked, Norma is the little girl... CHARITY is the woman pictured above. ;-)
The image is now corrected - Carson & Norma!
Sorry for the mix up and thanks for pointing this out. I'll get this fixed.
Congrats to our Winners! Stay tuned for our next contest.

NOTE: The Winners - please email at support-wt@kiwiup.com for your rewards.

Probably another copy and paste mistake... Swords are used in Kiwi's game Shipwrecked. We have pickaxes, Shipwrecked has swords... Hope that helps!
Thank you. Over the last year I have spent many  UK pounds on WB.... would be nice if that money had been better invested maybe. Lol.