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My anger is built up need to blow some steam. I know exactly what to do to help ease my anger, I've read the tips/advice to gain pickaxes. Play game every day increases daily bonus spins, level up, take advantage of tapjoy. (Refuse to support that option)
   My personal opinion on gaining pickaxes is to level up. I'm on level 19. Although you might get 1 or 2 after each lvl. Highest I've earned was 4 that was on 18?.. 19 I received 1 again. Daily bonus I figure odds are against you landing on pick axe even after you trigger the max 5 spins. I've purchased axes ONLY to get much needed space. You want to finish objectives? "goodluck"  when you do get those 1 or 2 axes and go to finish a goal it leads to failure, the mine or canyon leaves you with nothing but an empty space... don't get me wrong you'll find what your looking for eventually, not all but half the time that something requires what? Yup another pickaxe... 
okay ok steams out.. that's all I wanted do, feel better now.  
dont start a quest until you have at least 3 or more pick axes all takes 3 to locate and 3 to find in mine and 3-4 to find on river having 1-2 and using them and not locating the object is pointless as it will "reset" when you exit the game and log back in so you will have to "start over" on locating it some tapjoys are not too bad and daily spins are haphazard at best so dont count on axes there either we are lobbying to get daily bonuses set up like other kiwi games where the rewards are "fixed' ie 100 silver on day 1 and 200 tonic on day 2 and 1 pickaxe on day 3 and so on with a  10 day cycle the highest axes would still be only 2 but there is a one on day 5 and 2 on day 9 so that is the required 3 in a  week  please "like" the post on it so kiwi listens 
i agree kiwi can we get daily bonuses like shipwrecked...
I'm getting tired of this crap. It takes a minimum of 2 pickaxes to find what you need. I complete the offers from tapjoy and I swear that at least every 1 in 5 doesn't give me the axes (and it always seems to be the offers of multiple axes). And the daily spin is crap. Seriously.....what are the odds you're going to land on the same thing 4 times in a row!!!! And even after purchasing the 3 extra spins at least 5 times, I'm lucky if I land on the pickaxe even one. I think I'm going to quit this game.....completing the search request is ridiculous.
↑↑↑ I can't agree with you more  (Suecat182003)!!!!!
hey admin any help here ?
need more axes alot please help
You can do Tapjoy offers to get a few pickaxes here and there, but you really must avoid the free credit reports, insurance quotes, and surveys. Also, please read this page on Pickaxes. It has helpful advice on conserving the pickaxes you get to make the few from Tapjoy enough. However, if you are going to play for free, it is going to take a lot of patience. It also might take some troubleshooting if you have trouble with the Tapjoy offers, and that page will help with that. I can help, too. 
Unfortunately Betty the only way to get those darn axes is either do ALL THE OFFERS...and I do mean ALL of them, or you can purchase them. To save money only buy when there's a BUNDLE SALE,,,like now.  Good luck!
played 200 gold to golden seed and got 4 pickaxe, thieves !!! do not spend money on this game
I am feeling frustrated with the pickaxes/Kiwi for several reasons. Here are a few specific examples.

     5 quests all need pickaxes. No, non-pickaxe quests.

    I level up and get a few pickaxes. That gets me one item from the mine. Within 1hr that quest wants more pickaxes.

     Limited edition quest auto-launched. I get pickaxes. I use pickaxes to advance my game's main quest line. I get crap for side quest that I don't want.

    Get some pickaxes. Use 5 in the mine to get 1 item. Get dialogue that says oops that didn't work, we better go search canyon. Use 3 in canyon to get next item. Next dialogue says that still isn't right, we better go look for something else. 
I better go look for a different game.

The only way you'll EVER get anywhere with THIS game is
 $$$$$...lot's of $$$$$
Jak o jaki budynek w grze westbounds kupić lub zdobyć aby można produkować płyty czyli boards
Justyna, the translator gave me this:
How about building in the game how to buy or acquire westbounds that can produce plates or boardsboards

I am not sure about "plates" but boards come from the carpenter station. You have to have enough wood collected to mill into boards. You get the carpenter station from The Lost Workshop quest.
The Lost Workshop quest appears at level 12. 
Starting to think this game is a joke pickaxes are an important part of game but are near impossible  to get unless you pay. Takes a lot of fun out of it.
I love this game, I played a year ago and stopped but started back up again with a new mind set. Yes you need money to play this game, picaxes is needed for ever adventure. I love the new addition like the team challenges and the side game of different cities. This is not a free game, the guys who made this game wants to get paid. They are gamers and this is their job. I have fun and I enjoy it, so I will pay. It would be nice if the characters where free, except for the 5 that is given. I look at these games as a do cable, we pay to watch TV so why not to play games. 
I don't mind paying for a game I like. I buy console, PC, and mobile games. I want cost/play balance. The cost is high for little gameplay (mostly a dollhouse) and horrible support. Kiwi is so proud that they have 5 of the top 25 grossing games.  They do not seem to care where they rank for other metrics. The team challenges interested me, but those are pay-to-win and broken.
I understand, I left the game for a year and is just coming back into it, I like the new things, and I hear you on the difference between a WI game and a free app game that is a continuous  cost. For now it gives my mind what I need from the real world, and have these small task with little rewards of a shoe tree.   
I love this game but getting pickaxe is so hard I am getting ready to uninstall
I have so many unfinished tasks due to the fact that it takes 3 pic. axes to complete a task but once you think you have, another there thing pops up saying now you need to find yet another object to complete the task ! So frustrating! The Mine is a freaking joke! You could use all 2 of the pic. axes you were awarded arfter all of the levels up that you worked for. That in itself is a joke. Crossing the railroad? When? I'm up quite a few levels but still cannot cross? How much experience do you need? Apparently you can never get enough of that either! 
it's so fun!
Does anyone else find it interesting that this topic (Pickaxes) has 31+ votes and no one from Kiwi has posted a thing about it?
Does anyone know what level you have to be to get to use the stage coach?
stage coach? What stage coach, where? Need more data to answer.
Do you mean the covered wagon?
It is where you go for the Trailsweeper.
Yes getting axes for this game is really frustrating, I would complete tapjoy offers and sometimes not receive them, luckily I filled out the "missing axes" page (found at the bottom where all offers are) and they gave me axes and gold, not that many tho around 11 each, and it depends how many offers you completed, but patience is key for this game, something I do not have lol but i was able to travel after level 23 or 24, You get to travel to three different areas, my best advice is dont waste your axes and silver right away, let them pile up and then use them, you level up faster that way :) Hope this helps you all, good day!!
I NEVER use Tapjoy!
I had NOTHING but bad experiences!

I'm o level 217
I received ONE PICK AXE

Wow i guess they really want you to spend money on this game, how sad :( Just started the game about a month ago and barely on level 25, I thought along the line the rewards would increase, i guess not, so there really is no point in playing this game :( and that cause i love this game but without axes I rate it a 2 stars out of 5, thanks for your help!!
Hey Melissa....as you can see,
Nothing but problems!
There are so many of us that have been playing for EVER.
WITH ALL THAT SAID, westbound remains my favorite game. Maybe because I've spent so much time and MONEY playing.
If you decide to continue BE PREPARED....BEING IGNORED BY KIWI is a definite!
Yeah mine too, I love the style of this game, and no other game does it for me, but i dont want to have to spend money on it, just to enjoy it 100%, I wish kiwi would listen to its players and give us players more axes, they should know just how bad we need them! But i can see many have tried and failed, Guess I will play the game till ive can't no more lol thanks for all your info and help! Greatly appreciated :)

how do I get the stupid pick axes if i am doing the right thing on the ??? I can't think of what you call it when you take a survey to get more pick axes and when I get done im out 18 dollars × 3 times I tried to get the stupid pick axes so now im out 56 real dollars on my credit card and I never got 1 pick axe so how do i get them? Please tell me how. Thanks


THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM MANY OF US....I've bee locked out of my game for MONTH'S and they claim there's nothing wrong on their end...what kind of b.s. is that?

I played for over three year's...EVERY DAY FOR HOURS ON END...ROCK YOU SUCKS!

sorry for being so blunt...