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Q. Why does it show 0% even though it has been completed and played multiple time?
A. In the Trailsweeper, users can play the completed map any number of times.
Once you complete one particular map it will go back to start and show 0%. However, this doesn't mean that you have not been credited for completing the map, whatever collectables you've received will be reflecting in your inventory and general resources like silver will be credit under "silver" tab.

If you complete the map the progress shows 0%. You will be able to see the progress of the map “when you are between the map”. You can tap the arrow on top left and it will take you to the main map page showing you the % of completion of the map.

Q. How to upgrade the general/Trail store?
A. In order to upgrade the general store you would need to collect the required collectables (Golden screw/ hammer etc).

Getting any collectable is probability based, you can play different unlocked maps multiple times. The collectable image is present on map which shows probability of collectable you will be able to receive (symbol of screw/ hammer etc). Choose the map accordingly.

Q. Why do I have to play the same map over and over again?
A. Once you complete one particular map. It will start from the beginning, however if you don’t want to play the same map you need to scroll down to next unlocked map.

Q. Where is my golden screw/hammer which I have collected?
A. Please check your inventory, you will be able to see the collectables there.

Q. How to unlock the maps?
A. It has 2 criteria’s:

1. Play the previous map and you will be able to see the next map unlocked. If you tap on any random map it will provide you with information on how to unlock it.
2. Make sure that the "General/Trail store" is upgraded

Q. Why do I keep getting the message "You have a journey in progress. Would you like to return to it?" when I want to play another map.
A . You might be half way through another map in the game. Kindly tap on Yes and it will take you to the unfinished Map. You can complete the map or even reset it to 0% again by tapping on the tick icon. Now you will be able to play any unlocked Map of your choice.

Q. In which map do I find a specific collectable?
A . The below list shows which map rewards a collectable:

Chicago ---> no collectable
Denver ---> gold screws
Saint Louis ---> gold screws
Kansas City ---> gold screws, ballpeen hammer
Santa Fe ---> ballpeen hammer
San Francisco ---> ballpeen hammer, canvas
Boise ---> canvas
Omaha ---> canvas, shingle
Nashville ---> shingle, bronze-ingot
Toronto ---> bronze-ingot, oak planks
Richmond ---> oak planks
Houston ---> no collectable
Vancouver ---> no collectable

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