how do I sell or store the limited edition stuff?

Natisha Leanne 4 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Michelle Gordon-Krohling 4 years ago 5
Such as the scorpion and mammoth? I do not want them but it refuses to let me store or sell them. I can only move them. 
Those aren't limited edition, so you can't get rid of them. Anything from a Regular Quest Series can't be removed because future Series will refer to those things. 

Limited Edition items can be sold once the time for their series ends. Maybe stored, too, I'm not sure. 

Here are the lists so you know which structures are which:
Regular Quest Series Buildings
Limited Edition Series Buildings
Oh ok....I just wish I could store them because I dont want them at all.
One of my neighbors made a "dump." He carved canyon during quests to make an area far away from the rest. He chose to put the word "dump" there, but you wouldn't have to :-)
  1. Don't sell anything from a Regular Quest Series, only from Limited Edition Series or the store (usually it's impossible anyway, but I've heard of items being sold)
  2. Don't sell your kitchen or ferrier
  3. Do: Tap the triangle on the right 
  4. Tap the 4-way arrow
  5. Now you are in edit mode. You can move, rotate, sell, and store stuff. 
  6. Select an item. If the coin is grayed out, you can't sell it. 
  7. otherwise, tap the coin to sell
  8. When done with edit mode, tap the check mark in the right hand corner