autumn clouds

Ken Krebs 4 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Zieu 4 years ago 7
Ghost dance quest seems to have same bug as weather in bottle.  Searched canyon, found autumn clouds, harvested them and they disappeared.  Must be glitch with items called cloud. Hope kiwi can restore. Can't continue quest without them.
Hi Ken, 

We are currently looking into this issue and will revert back at the earliest.

Sorry for the hassle.
We have found the cause for this issue and will be fixed in our next version release soon. 

Please check my post in News & Announcement section for more details on compensation.
I'm having the same issue.  My Autum clouds disappeared after I found then in the canyons. Please help! 
Same here is there any way to finsh the quest line 
I recommend you pay the gold to extend the time on the quest series, then email support asking them to reimburse the gold. Then when it's fixed in the next update, you can finish the quest series.
Hello All,

The LE: Host of Ghosts quest issue has been fixed in our latest version 1.4.2. Also, user's affected with this issue have been compensated. You can now go ahead and complete the quest with the collectables sent to you.