Size Matters!!!!

Michelle Wilburn 4 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Karen Comer 4 years ago 4
I agree, theres NO consistancy when it comes to size. Some buildings are huge and others are mini. Why is that? It makes our villages look weird, silly and just plain ugly!! It would be great if you could fix these buildings, decorations, etc...
I will pass this idea along to our game developers. We really appreciate your support for Westbound!

To overcome this issue I have a mini village as well as a regular village. But I agree with everyone else that it would be nice if they were all the same size!
I did the same thing and named it `Tiny Town. It is just plain silly.  Support told me the reason for the miniatures was to stop the black squares!  That makes no sense. I not very happy with the mini`s like everyone else. Hopefully they will listen to us.
When I was doing the Christmas LEs I was really excited about the Christmas Castle.  It looked really cool and then I bought it and it is so tiny.you can't even really tell what it is supposed to be. It is the only one of the Christmas things not on the same scale as the rest of the Christmas things.  The Bell Tower and all of the house are bigger than a Castle?  That makes perfect sense. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder way I even bother with this game.