Meet your Neighbors!

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Hi Islanders,

Are you looking for a new neighbor? Not to worry, this topic is for you to find a new neighbor.

Post your Kiwi Community ID here to meet a new neighbor!

Note: This topic will be kept open always. You can visit this topic to find a new neighbor.

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level 90 player looking for some good team mates for next challenge id is Cvanlin2
Cvanlin2, I have not been playing long, but am at level 52 (53 very soon). I was part of a couple team challenges (random placement) where I was the only one playing - not happy! Stopped for a while, but noticed a neighbor playing, so teamed up for last 2 games. We did quite well for just 2 players - first game was 438, and last game was 167. Would love to get a standing team to play. My Canyon name is Isleofmine (started on Shipwrecked), and teamed up with bstrohl. Just friended Old Man 1 who is at level 83 and I see he was playing the last games. I will send you a friend request.
great if I can log in for more then 30secs (sent e-mail and WAITING for HELP)  I would be glad to accept 
last challenge I did 365 and rest of team combined did 102  with 2 players doing under 5 each 
and none of my neighbors play TC 
The numbers I gave was our standing in the challenge. With the Christmas Buns I did 180 (while offline during the day due to working an Estate Sale), and the Christmas Casserole I did 380. Bstohl did 120 and 333, so we both raised our production rates.

I messaged bstohl about our communication, hopefully he will friend request too.

I am part of a community (Moderator) on Google+ for Nemo's Reef Players. If you play, please join us, as we are always looking for those interested in Nemo's Reef.
Hello everyone. I'm bstrohl.
I have now teamed up with Isleofmine.
Westbound and TSTO are the 2 mobile games I am currently playing. 

I am trying to figure out the system of treasure chests in neighbors.  I have started to see some patterns but real life is busy right now. I will keep working on it in about a week.  
I am curious if anyone ever sees more than 4 chests in a neighbor's canyon.

On another note, I am in NJ, USA. That is the EST time zone (GMT-5). Since I am an insomniac though, I may be on at any hour.
No, I've never seen more than 4 chests in any neighbor's canyon. Best of luck!
My town is IMAMAZONIA and I've been playing approx 2 yrs.
I used to visit my 40-50 neighbors twice a day. I saw between 2 and 4 treasure chests!
Now, I can't even get thru the first two/three neighbor's when the game shuts down my phone :-[...
I really wish kiwi would fix this. It's been going on for months now.
Hey IMAMAZONIA... I feel your pain, Just an FYI your my Neighbor, but I cannot visit you (and 4 other Neighbors) as (apparently) your Canyon is too big for my device to handle (at least that's what Kiwi is saying)!
Hello everyone, my username is 5189933778. I'm looking for some more neighbors. Feel free to send me a request. 
Subject: WESTBOUND IN BOX (Gift Requests, etc)
To my Neighbors, please be aware I have 46 Neighbor and the game only allows a limited number of transaction with you in a 24 hour period (I believe it 5). So, if I do not gift back, it because I've reached my limit... which happens to me every day!

I start by answering requests for Wood, Adobe, etc... then I move to Gifts of Tonic and repay them... Silver is last, because (frankly) I don't need Silver as I'm on level 107 and have over 2 Million in Silver now. Please don't send me Silver!

I hope all of you can access my Canyon... as there are several of you which I just cannot access, no matter how many times in a row I try (i.e. Mayor1). I wish you all luck in the Challenge and that we all will be trouble free! Have Fun, Happy Holidays!
to those who friend requested I can FINALLY stay on the game and accepted 
Cvanlin2 I was finally able to invite you to be part of my team. Please accept!!

I also saw where you had invited my, but I am already part of a 3-person team. We can sure use your help! Hope to see you have accepted soon!
Cvanlin2 thanks for accepting the invite. I believe we can kick some butt now!!!
at work on saturdays retail and holidays lol at least till 3pm est  will catch up then 
Hi all. My ID is Smoothbaby17 and I'm level 103 currently (should level up in the next day, hopefully, lol). I log on at least once a day and I try to gift everyday. I typically send back whatever is sent to me (I prefer tonic though, as I have plenty of silver) and I have 9 neighbor spots to fill I believe, so send away and I'll accept when I see them! ;-).

Also, my team of 3 is looking for a fourth member to hopefully become a permanent TM in our team. We do our best and have fun. I can't give an accurate account of what we've placed as we've had different members the last few times, but even so we've made top 100 all but once (maybe twice tops). With a loyal fourth, we're bound to do much better!!! Let me know if you're interested and I'll speak with my team! Thanks!!!
Level 68. Had stopped playing for a few months, just picked back up again a few weeks ago and looking for some new neighbors willing participate in challenges. user ID CarynE
Hey lionsram .....I thumbs downed your comment. Because I'm furious with the way kiwi can have a game where we can have as many neighbour's as we want and we can BUILD THE LARGEST TOWN ever but Y'ALL CAN'T VISIT? It's Just another way to scam us. My town is HUGE! I'm on level 176-177,,,somewhere around there. And much I love playing its becoming clearer me how deceived we've all been! I know I can be a sucker sometimes but THIS TIME I FEEL SICK 2 MY STOMACH. =-O 
I'm curious about this kiwi company.  I want to know who owns it, how many employees, etc. 
there has to be a way(or at least I'd like to think there is)to make someone HEAR US and actually DO SOMETHING about all these never ending, I'll call them-hiccups, that westbound has had since I started playing. 
I can visit one neighbor at a time. I can no longer start at ruby and work my way thru all my neighbour's.  The game CRASHES! I used to visit all neighbour's twice a day. Imagine the points I've lost over the past 6,7 months.  
I used to only look at this site occasionally. Now, I spend an awful lot of time here voicing my opinion. 
I'm coming to visit now Lionsram.   1st let me go see what kind of info I can get on kiwi.  haha
Hi mc you can tell me to mind my own business  as I do not play on WB I play Sw but just trying  to help  as most of the things you are all going  through now we on Sw have been  through  and in some cases still are but cannot  see why you need to thumbs down l ram but maybe  I am missing something but do appreciate  the fact  that you at least addmit to doing so wear some  are not brave enough todo so but if you have  a problem  with kiwi and need a bit of history go on to shipwrecked forum  and do a search if you enter fruit salad it's  an eye opener good luck 🍀 with that but think as far as problems  with neighbours visiting think you need to take  a look at your  ram  🐏 I am level 205 now  and on my old device  had 16gb storage and 1gb ram 🐏 I don't know why kiwi not telling us this but before transfer  had all the problems you are all getting with lag neighbours being kicked off and game  freezing  on me had to spend loads  to put most of my island into storage but with my new tablet 💊 having 16gb storage and 3gb ram it's  so good have been able to add about 60 more buildings thousands  of decor  when before was thinking anytime  it's  going to crash  for good mmaybe  kiwi don't tell us this as if we knew  how many  problems we had to look forward  to in the beginning  because of the missive  amounts  of ram  needed  we would just move  on it also usesup Loads of cpu try the app clean master hope this  helps 
Hmm... I used to love clean master, then they glued an antivirus to it. I was kind of unwilling to switch away from my favorite antivirus app, and you can't have 2 of them or they'll interfere with each other. I don't suppose you know any other apps that work as well as clean master for closing background programs and improving performance?
Hi mj there are a few but clean  master the only one i have tried  but the antivirus was optional  maybe they add to adapt since  you last tried for the same reason you give   i also have ram booster both i got before transfer  and both good but think I had got to the point of no return as it was affecting  Google utube and face  book you would not think one little game would have such  a massive  impact but it sure does  it am still having  problems but that's me being a clutter bug is a hard habit to break  so all the extra buildings  send decor as made it so my cpu is  over heating which i have not looked  into yet I just know it's  to do with quad core and can  do a lot of damage  but need to investigate some more 
Cool, thanks. Yeah, I hope you get that overheating problem fixed!
I'm hoping that this  community event takes the time to review the steps involved with feature. I'm sorry to say but my memory is at a loss here. A little help please.
What feature do you need help with?
I'm new and am looking for neighbors . Username is moak771
I will send a neighbor invite.  
I have a few neighbor slots openbut I am on a 4 person team already.
I think I made a mistake with the thumbs down to lionsram. Out was meant to show kiwi we're angry. But, I think I made a mustache. I did already go back and THUMBS UP the comment 
I am in no way TECH SAVVY! I wish I knew more than I do 
sorry, especially if my neighbor lionsram thought I meant to be a creep.   
Thank you! And I understand your points... Have a great day!
Boy did make a lot of mistakes here!
I think my message is understood, right?
I understood what you said..lol! There are some posts, no matter how many times you read them, you cannot make heads or tails of it..bad bad bad!
Hi ms  think l ram will understand sometimes we get so  angry 😡 with kiwi we just see red and like the cpu on are devices  get over heated   and don't think things  through like you I am not good  with technology but with each new problem  i now try to look into it was bee 🐝 on shipwrecked that  was talking about her new tablet and she like  most of us was a bit lost  as to why the extra ram help so much so when I looked  it up it was saying it's  short for random  access  memory  which  is used for thing's  we need to get in a hurry  like goggle  games  face you so at once  the lights  went on for me when I do need a new device hopefully  not for a few years I will make  sure I look  into things  more as I had already  splashed out on i pad air not knowing  that you only get 1/2 a game and no Tc and kiwi will not do a transfer  from  android  to ios  so like you not kiwis biggest fan but adected to shipwrecked 
Hi looking for new neighbors.  Had a few leave the game.  I am at level 124.  Also looking for teams players for the challenges.  In this season I am at 21130.  My game name is encode.  Thanks
Hi Billie, just sent you a request.
Hi, I'm also looking for new active neighbors and good team mates to play challenges with. I'm at level 125. My tc points are in the 48,000 range so far this season (after leaf rake challenge). I'm a very active team player & looking for same in a team. I also fill all neighbor requests each day. Game name is LaughingCholla. Thank you!
Sorry, my tc points are approximately 40,800 NOT 48,000. Still a good team mate...dyslexia and all;)
We are neighbors... are you sending me requests? Nice TC... I'm at 37,700
Thanks Lionsram...you too. No, I don't usually request items but I do fill all requests that I receive. I usually log on at least once a day. Have you sent me requests that weren't filled?
No, I rarely make requests... best of luck in the next Challenge!
Thanks, best of luck to you too!
clipboard-image-markerI want a good team for challenges with correct players. Please add me!
Still searching for 2 more players for team.
Kolmom I'd I think e mail kalamonaca@gmail.com
I sent you neighbour invite, thank you
I still have not received it just silver thank you. Sent it back again to you.

Sorry just got it and figured it out.iam usually on top of this lol .keep me in mind for next challenge please put everything on your team strong player.
Thanks kath

Hey how is the challenge going

Hello everyone
Just finished challenge as a one lady team
Points obtained 14100
Rank 138. Id lol mom

Thanks kath
Katherine, you will receive my request on 6.00 today :)
We have lost a teammate due to personal issues. We need a very active player to step in. We are in the top 150+ teams regularly and would like to kick it higher with another dedicated player. Please send me an email so we can discuss your joining a team of females, (doesn't mean we wouldn't like to add a male to the team). My email is: debim1333@gmail.com. Would like to get this done before Friday, June 12, 2015 setup.
I am new and looking for teammates
Hey AngelFire1996, did you get an answer to your "High Scorer" question? If not, I'll explain.
Hi, Lionsram....did not see your reply until today. No, I never did receive an answer, but it got squared away a few minutes after the challenge ended, so I figure their bookkeeping is just a wee bit slow. In fact, they are pretty slow on everything as Kiwi/rockyou has never responded to a single post I've written. I never pay them any money, so I feel I really don't have much of a right to complain, though there is much to complain about sometimes. I will keep playing, but would never consider parting with real, hard-earned cash based on their customer service. Thank you, however, for offering the explanation.

This thread is old, but so are all the others. ID is willmccreary. Shoot me a invite, i gift and play daily

I Eat Zohmbeez,

Hi! I tried searching for you and it said that it couldn't find anyone matching that name. 😕. Try to send me an invite... ID is Smoothbaby17. Thanks!

Hey everyone, need good teammates for once lol I'm only a level 68 in new world but placed in to 25 in last event by myself. My id is Tay684

Tim, are you still looking?