Is there a way I can see other players layouts ? and can they see mine ? If so, How? Thanks, Susan Fre

Susan Frederick 3 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Patricia Karbs 3 years ago 1
I would love to be able to see the different layouts of other people's boards. Plus it might give me some ideas. Plus Why don't the Higher Up's at Kiwi come up with a challenge of each player's boards. With of course awards being given out. Or the winner can choose Their OWN Reward, for example: so many tonic, or silver, or pick-axes, etc. It would be fun to see the creative process others have Only a thought.
Thank you as always for your time. Susan Frederick , Salisbury, NC ( originally born and raised in Ore.) HOME OF "WESTBOUND" ???
clipboard-image-markerIf you have neighbors, when you visit them you will be able to see their canyon layout. Right off hand, I can't tell you how to add neighbors. But it's easy enough to find.