Why so many advertisements?

Pamela Smelser 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Admin-Anna 1 year ago 9

Why is there so many advertisments?


Yes! I think we are all wondering why suddenly, Why is there so many ads? Zieu???


they have become so invasive in my game that I cant play the game. I know it's adware from an offer within the game because it's not in the other 2 kiwi games I play, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to remove it.


Yeah I agreed I can't even play now because of ads


for every action I do in the game I get an ad. It's getting very very annoying. Almost to the point im ready to uninstall.


Yes, every time you x out of an opportunity to spend money you get an ad...it's the price we're paying for free pickaxes from clutter/debris...now if I could get them to fix my lack of debris issue....not holding my breath.

Not sure if you tried this. I see your post is a year old. I came back a week ago and when I discovered the picaxe debris feature I already knew Id have issues as my island is huge and barely any debris show up. I found a way to not only get a good amount to spawn, I found a way to get more to generate immediately instead of waiting an hour. Logging in and out did nothing for me but this trick worked. I stored as many buildings that I wanted to save and sold off old junk ones to free up a lot of land. Im low on picaxes so didnt want to waste any just to open land up. After opening a lot of space up I discovered depending on which game your playing that if you go to atlantis or santas workshop or any land that causes the server to have to reload your island causes a full refresh and puts a lot of debris on your island. I find this method a lot better than having to wait an hour. I used to hate the team challenges that had debris pickups as a challenge.  Id wait an hour and end up with only one or two items lol.


I agree with the others. The game is hardly playable anymore and I am on the verge of uninstalling! Sad, I really used to like this game 😢

The only thing I dont like about the advertisements is they should be disabled during team challenges.  I lost 2 batteries during last weeks team challenge because it reset the game screen right at the moment I selected to use a battery. Some of the advertisements crashed the game too.

We will work on reducing ads in the game. Stay tuned!