Not receiving Tonic Bonus earned in Soda Challenge

Lionsram 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated 2 years ago 4

Please vote with a thumbs up here (to get RY's attention) if you too are not receiving Tonic Bonus you earned in last week playing the Soda Challenge. Check you Season History... mine says that I did not play the Soda challenge... though my 2 week score plainly shows I did! Apparently when RY messed up our scores this morning, they erased a number of players Season history... and so, we are not getting the Tonic Bonus we earned!!! Vote thumbs up here if you want it fixed!!!

Hey lionsram

....it's been a long time since I was HERE.

...But, yeah, i lost my points too😢

  • Have you heard anything about them giving us SOMETHING - ANYTHING for the loss?
  • It have to tell you, rock you HAS improved ☺...comine back after a year, I have received HELP from them. They used to ignore the emai. Now I get a response within. ..24 hours. ..and they've actually helped.
  • So,just wondering if they're gonna help us out here or. ..leave us all WITHOUT the extra points. I was getting 600% more tonic...

Michele... it's kind of amazing that no one else (apparently) was aware that they stopped receiving their Tonic bonus from playing the Soda challenge! How can folks spend time and money and not realize they aren't getting what they worked so hard to earn???

But to your questions... as in the past, RY is not likely to admit the error or give out anything UNLESS players open a ticket! Based on the lack of response to my post (above), I doubt RY will receive many tickets on this issue (a win-win for RY)! I opened a ticket Saturday and received part of what I asked for today... however, my Season History still says that I did not play the Soda challenge... though my 2 week score plainly shows I did! And ALL of my other Seasons history is still missing.

hey lionsram


I got you back as my neighbor😊

Do you know if there'sany way of telling WHO'S NO LONGER PLAYING?

I have so many neighbors, and I'm positive that some no longer play. I don't wanna un-neighbor them unless I'm sure.

Nice to be back. ...man, it was a L O N G...year without my favorite game. ..😆-💕

Michele... no, I don't know how to tell who's still active/playing other than to look at Current Season "Sun Fun" and scroll thru each levels players... but that would be a lot of work!

You might see if Wiki has a way.