Looking for teammates for westbound

Jenn Ro 2 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion β€’ updated by Michele 2 years ago β€’ 14

I've been playing alone for a couple months on Westbound. I really want some teammates who are active in team challenges. I'm sick of floaters.

Jenni, if you post what Level you are on... if you have / are willing to spend Gold, Energy and Pickaxes on the Challenges... and how many points you (personally) made in the last challenge... you may have better luck finding teammates here!

Hey jenni

I just attempted to contact you via this forum. If you are still iN need of a team. ..send me a neighbor request. ..USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

IMAMAZONIA. ..we are lookingfor a teammate, too 😊


I will do that as soon as i get on. thanks. you won't be sorry πŸ˜ƒ


Jenni, best of luck no matter what!...

Just an FYI - Michele expects her teammates to spend lots of resources!

If you have them, which I do (have Millions in Tonic & Silver and thousands in Gold and pickaxes), they will be happy to have you!

Again, Jenni... best of luck no matter what! Play to enjoy!

Hey lionsram

..you wouldn't be interested in using those resources of yours on my team, would you?

I have one good player. Now we have Jenni, but since you played with my original teammates. ..I'd love to have you 😊...let me know ok?

Check back with me after this season ends.

ok...lionsram. ..thanks 😊

Have fun this season

Well I don't have thousands of resources except tonic and more $$ than I'll ever spend but I haven't had a team to help me earn anything either. I'll do what I think is fair but just so you know I had 371 million pies last weekend. Does that work??

Hey jenni

....you don't have to spend money. I was on a team that always placed top 10. ...but, i just wanna team where everyone does their part. ..😊...you'll be fineπŸ˜†...look for my invite. Early Friday morning. ..

Hey jenni

...once we get to chat in the challenge I'll give you my email address. It's a better place to talk



Lol...maybe. depends on your age. and I'm in California btw, so early Friday to you might be when I'm sleeping depending on where you are. πŸ˜‰

Hey jenni

...you are 3 hours earlier than i am. So,my 8 am is your 5 am. .lol

You'll see it. We are looking forward to having you with us. Please remember, me personally, i don't care where we finish. Yeah, it's nice to be in the top 10. . But, it's not a necessity. ..just have fun. ..i hope you like to chat. ..cause we chat a lot during the challenges 😊-πŸ’•

See you friday

Im totally stoked. and talking is what I do best. I'm very opinionated ...lol

Hey jenni

....ok then...see you Friday ☺