Cross the mountain

Michele 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated 2 years ago 6

I've reached the final level-250....and, I've NEVER BEEN ABLE TO CROSS INTO THE MOUNTAIN.


that's all i want to know...WHY?

Seriously Michele... are you being rhetorical?

When was the last time ANYONE from RY answered anything posted on this forum???

As we are being rhetorical, Why can't we Level up after 251? (and yes, somehow I'm at 251)

And our questions fall on deaf RY ears!

Hey lionsram

...I thought they raised the level to 350..?...no?

I'm at 250...imagine where I'd be if i hadn't been locked out for a year 😢

So happy to finally be back. Missing my team though

Apparently not... I got a level-uped to 251 several weeks ago when RY messed up the challenge scores... nothing since.

Hey lionsram


..251 & it stopped?

I asked about the mountain crossing hoping someone here would have an answer. ..you know how well i know rock you -lol..I expect very little from them.

And, yes, the scores were messed up on the challenge. It looks like another loss for all of us die hard player's. ..?

It's just a pleasure to be able to play again. The phone I was using wouldn't let me in. I bought a new phone & WA-LA....I'm in...yaaaa😊...they've even allowed me to purchase somemore house's. They have a 300 house limit that i reached 2 years ago. ..lol

SEE you in the canyon

I must admit that ry has improved BIG TIME with their customer service. They've helped me a few time's within 24 hour's. ...i almost hit the floor. ..lol

Yes, the RY ZenDesk seems to have improved, somewhat... but when was the last time ANYONE from RY answered anything... posted on this forum???