Can still find items after quests expire with out having to buy the quest?

tcassford 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Michele 2 years ago 6

i haven't been able to find items for a lot of my quests...



As a fellow player, I'd like to help you, but am uncertain of your question.

There is a period after a quest expires that you can finish it by spending 2 Gold (if you can afford it)... to restart it.

As to help with quests, I found http://westbound.wikia.com/wiki/Westbound_Wiki to be very helpful.


Hey Lionsram ...i haven't been here for a while. 😊...IMAMAZONIA here 😊

I have a Haunted House quest. The Quest has Disappeared from my game..leaving me with an Unfinished Haunted House. ..

Rock You said clear my data. They had fixed the problem. ...nope. still no quest.

Maybe that's what. ...I didn't see the original post -..means. .?


Thanks Michele / IMAMAZONIA... It's interesting how many players post issues here on the Forum, and when you try to help them, they never respond. All I can do as a Fellow Player who use to be in their shoes... is help with what I've learned... as others helped me, years ago!

Hey Lionsram


That's the way to do it 😊. .one player helping another. ..I usually don't post anything here anymore, but when I saw this. ..I think that it's what I'm experiencing. ..?

I sure wish rock you would add new levels. ..lol

Me too (new/more Levels), why stop at 251?


I ONLY did 250...that's where it ended.

It's all good...I desperately need to rearrange my canyon. It's so huge. Stuff is Everywhere. I'll bet I could play for 2 yrs. ..just rearranging my canyon. .lol-🙈