Server issues and missing axes

Kellie 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Lionsram 2 years ago 1

Today the game has constantly been coming up with server issues. When it was working I was given free axes then when it crashed again and then come back on line the axes are gone.......is anyone else having this proble


Yes, apparently RockYou (RY) buffers our devices with their servers... so, I've lost earned resources (like axes) if the game closes (for any reason)... however, sometimes it's only what I've done in the last minute and sometimes it's everything I've done in the last 5 minutes. You can open a ticket and request lost resources, but I cannot guarantee they will give them to you! RY is unlikely to respond here, on the Forum.

No, I'm not having server issues, but... Do you mean you are getting a pop-up box “Uh oh… Carson must be tinkering with the servers again… Please give us a few minutes and try again (Exit)”?

If yes, I've learned from others on this Forum, that many times, it's an issue with your WiFi connection (seems like RY would send us a different pop-up, but oh-well). Check to make sure you have a good WiFi connection, but...

It can also be an issue with the Version of Westbound you are running... make sure you are up to date...

Finally, if you're still having issues... suggest: Clearing the data (Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> Westbound >> Clear Data) AND you can ALSO restart the application by doing a "Force stop" (to close game) and see if the issue gets resolved!

Hope this helps... Best of luck,