Raid Fishing

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Hello Pioneers,

Welcome back to our next Team Challenge-Raid Fishing!

Team Challenge Name: Raid Fishing

Team Formation Start Time

6:00am EST

October 28, 2016

Team Challenge Start Time

10:00am EST

October 29, 2016

Team Challenge End Time

12:00pm EST

October 31, 2016

Team Challenge Description: Catch fish. Wake the bears. Feed them salmon.

Team Challenge Targets: N/A

Team Challenge Action: Feed the Bears!

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+125% [Tonic]

4 - 10


+100% [Tonic]

11 - 100


+75% [Tonic]

101 - 500


+50% [Tonic]

501 - 1000


+25% [Tonic]

Title Duration: 7 days




totally unable to play this week, still awaiting update on why and how our team and I are going to be recompensed as I usually restock with batteries during this challenge.


Phil, based on your other post, it appears you are a knowledgeable player! Best of luck with the ZenDesk!


Hey Phil and Lionsram

...my team Was ONE MAN down. No matter what He tried. ..the fish would Not be caught.

Therefore, affecting Our Scores 😢

I sent Rock You an email with screenshots. ..but, unfortunately, Rock You IS BACK TO THEIR OLD tricks again. ..BOOO Rock You!


I had the same kind of problem with this challenge. The first time I caught a fish the game closed down on me. So, I tried to fish again, and the same thing happened. Three or four times I tried this and each time the game shutdown. I even shutdown my tablet, restarted it, and checked to see if I missed an update to the game, all to no avail. This happened to two of my team members. Only one could actually play the challenge. Thus, we ended up in 57? place, and didn't get up in our usual place of being in the top 10 in this particular challenge!

BI also put in a help ticket the same day, within the hour of my problem, and received the usual "canned response." As of today, I've still not heard from them. Which I guess I don't really need to other than it would be nice to know if I'm going to get the energy that I lost credited back to my account.



Sounds like your team experienced what happened to most of us the last time RY did this TC! That $ucks!

As I am sure you know, there is no support on the weekends... which makes no sense, as it's when the most of us users are on! My team was lucky and all of us could play.

FYI - I have a ticket open from last week, which the Help Desk (Support/ZenDesk) was going to address (per them/Pam) today... and no reply either!

Best of luck,



I think you're probably right. I'll be lucky to get anything back from them.

I think that's what it takes when dealing with the help desk -- luck and nothing else.


Did they answer/help?

I finally got an answer (from Anna) to the ticket open from last week... which the Help Desk (Support/ZenDesk) was going to address (per Pam) Tuesday. As usual, the promised fix did not occur! I've replied, but I'm not holding my breath on a fix!

Best of luck,


Hey Lionsram

I received an email telling me that this ticket WAS CLOSED

well I think I'm ready to quit!

As you may remember , while locked out of Westbound , I found pot farm ...WHADDA GAME . ..it's so much FUN

No Money Required 😊

Rock You gave me a lousy 10 axes . .that , in my opinion had Nothing to do with the 35 refills I used . we had only 3 able player's .

Maybe people WILL COME TOGETHER AND BOYCOTT WESTBOUND -just to Send A Message . .but, like you say


not sure if I'll even bother with This Challenge . ..

Hey Lionsram - Tell my pals that I truly Wish your team ALL THE BEST . .




I think I got the energies (about 5), back. And I just downloaded the update, so I think all is good .