Device transfer

Swtyd77 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by anne wilson 2 years ago 2

I downloaded the game to my phone, where I currently play you on my tablet. But it not have my correct level and account, when I opened the game to play. How can I fix this??

Hey Swtyd77

As a fellow player, I'm sorry to hear about your issues. Have you open a ticket (with support) from inside the game... if/when you do, be sure to tell them of your issue... after they look into your issue, they will typically will help you within 48 hours (except on weekends).

You can also go to rockyou.zendesk.com and open a ticket.

As a fellow player… Based on my years of playing,

If you need advice from other players (or just want to vent) the place is here on this Forum

DO NOT expect RY to respond or to fix anything posted on this Forum

DO NOT expect RY to make any Global (for everyone) fixes...

Best of luck!



Did you do your device transfer correctly ?