Just a question ??????

Mama King 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Lionsram 2 years ago 1

Why does it take 10 or 12hrs to grow crops you need a lot of? I play all the Shipwrecked games and I love them but this one I'm still debating whether to quit or not. Rock You has gotten enough of my money.

Hey Mama King,

If your hoping to get a reply from RY here, it's not very likely!

But good question, most likely RY wants you to (spend $$$) buy tonic to make crops grow faster!

The most recent changes RY has made, makes it so most players will have to spend more $$$ to play.

As a fellow player… Based on my years of playing,

If you need advice from other players (or just want to vent) the place is here on this Forum

DO NOT expect RY to respond or to fix anything posted on this Forum

DO NOT expect RY to make any Global (for everyone) fixes...

Maybe, you'll get an answer on Rockyous' Facebook, but the one I got wasn't worth my time!

Best of luck!