Why doesn't team chat work during the team challenge?

ILoveJesusII 1 year ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by anne wilson 1 year ago 3

I have done team challenges for over a year, and I have never been able to chat during the challenge. The button is always off. Once in a while it will be on for the beginning of the end, and once or twice during. It is off most of the time though. Why? What is the purpose of the button if it is always inactive?


The team chat should be active in the game. Could you please drop an email to the support team, along with the screenshot of the issue. We will look into this further.

On opening the game tap the triangle on the bottom right and then tap the settings' icon. Select Help and Support, and then report an issue


I'd like to say... that I, for one, appreciate that you/RY is responding to players post on the Form! It been a rare thing, for a very long time... and I hope it continues! No reply required!

Thank you... LionsRam