Another classic.... You have to see to believe

phil roberts 1 year ago in General Discussion • updated by Lionsram 1 year ago 3

By now some of you will be familiar with the revolutionary rock you scoring system, feel free to take a look at my contribution to the user echo. So take a look at this and say you have no doubt that everything scoring is perfect.

These two pictures taken immediately one after the other. Now look at a shot taken 8 minutes later.

If you're wondering if your score could be corrupted, keep a close eye on things and add to this post.

Phil, I seen/had the same issues... but as you know, I haven't been able to successfully launch Westbound since (Feb 2nd) Thursday morning, as blue bar on main page gets 3/4 across & crashes, before opening.

This (your issue) will most likely be another thing that unless folks post here and give your initial post a thumbs up, RY will just ignore!


Hi Phil,

We have shared this with the developers. We will work on this further.

Anna, thank you for your reply and passing this along to the developers. Please reply back here when this is fixed.