How can you get axes without taking forever

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Short answer is; buy them (it's how the game is designed... to get your money!!!)

I've been playing for more than 2 years... your complaint has been around that long! It only been in the last year we started getting axes from debris (once a day). Be sure to get what you can from the "Daily" spinning wheel.


Your Fellow player... LionsRam


We do understand your concern about the resources in the game. We will work on adding more rewards.

It's IMAMZONIA here 😊


they'll NEVER EVER GIVE YOU MORE...😢...They want YOUR MONEY!

i actually Un-installed Westbound. .My favorite Game!

The issue's that have been ongoing for YEAR'S. ..3-4, and Promises BROKEN by this company Forced me to quit.

I think i had the Most item's I'd EVER seen in a canyon. .😉

Good luck to All of you 😊

Hey Lionsram. ..🌜💞🌛

I'm about to stop receiving Westbound email. Just wanted to say hello 😊