Cheat and Compete Quest Series

Krista 1 year ago in General Discussion • updated by Admin-Anna 1 year ago 3

I have a quest that is a part of the Cheat and Compete series that is telling me to tap the wood chopping competition to upgrade but I don't know what that is and when I hit the GO button it doesn't show me what its talking about and just takes me back to where I am in the canyon. Where and what is the wood chopping competition?

Please provide us the name of the quest or a screenshot of the same. This will help us to look into your query. You can also drop an email to our support team about the same. We are here to assist you.

I thought my inquery was pretty specific as far as the name of the quest...guess I should just shoot off an email then.

We are looking forward to your email. This way we can look into you game and check the quest issue.