05/29/2017 - Dragon Expedition Series!

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Howdy Partners!

How ya’ll doin? We have added brand new quests in the game called “Dragon Expedition Series”. Complete the task and collect all the buildings. On collecting all 4 of them, you will be rewarded with a special asset “ DragonFly”

Note: Complete all the Buildings to win the DragonFly for Free.

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Possible issue: task completes and starts over again. Been having to spend lots of pickaxes to do other quests because dragon expedition keeps starting over and over.

Is this some type of bug?


Once you complete the series, you can always replay them from the beginning and win the buildings for free. Please let us if you face any issue during the expedition. You can also write to our support team at support.rockyou.com We are here to assist you. 



Please read Carefully! 

The game has a Glitch! 

You complete the task, but it doesn't Show up. 

So, you just Wasted 15 axes For Nothing! 

Come on people, please give your player's some Credit...😩

thank you Steve! 

I sent rock you. ..?

-sorry. I don't know who's running this game anymore -

Anyway, I sent an email with screenshots, but As Usual 

...I got a Run-Around from them. 

This is why I QUIT playing my FAVORITE game :(

...check out my canyon. 

It's the largest I've EVER seen 

IMAMAZONIA is my username 

Good luck! 

I took the loss. .Again 😢


ever since the dragon expedition began, my game has completely stopped progressing. All of my quests are expiring because every pick axe I use turns up either things for dragon expedition that I've already found or nothing at all. I just used five pick axes and found nothing. Yesterday, I used 8. If it's not fixed in the next few days, I'm just going to uninstall the app. I've invested a ton of time and money in this game, but it's just not worth it anymore.

We have passed your comment to the team. We will test the expedition further on this. 

i did whole expefition got gift now they have disappeared help