Disapearing axes

Lionsram2 1 year ago in General Discussion • updated by anne wilson 1 year ago 6

I noticed the Admins appear to be watching our post, again  Please help me!  Ticket #614786 Please ask your support folks when the will restore my axes!

It is really frustrating when you spend days and use 100s of gold bars to earn 145+ axes... only to start using them... and have the balance (of more than 90) disappear, when you log-out and back in! And it's additionally frustrating to open a ticket within hours of that discovery... only to have Support initially reply with a question (which I answered), but leave you hanging for days without a resolution. I earned those axes, please restore them so that I may use them!

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Admins, second request... Please help me!  Ticket #614786... Please ask your support folks when the will restore my axes!

Hi lionsram just thought I would check all forums , hope everything going ok !

Thank you Anne for checking in! My game still crashes within 15 minutes of play... and the ads now also can cause early crashes... typical RY unresolved issues... but I am okay... thank you for asking... how about you!

im good thankyou, I see you you got some of your axes back lol ! Hopefully support can work on improving the crashing issue as I think it is the same for many players . Nice to hear from you , take care .

e apologize for the delay caused. The team is working on it and will write to you soon. 

Hi Admin Anna,

First and foremost thank you for restoring 90 of my axes!

I am puzzled why it took so long (10 days) to get a fix... apparently support did not go back and check, as I had more like 96 axes... but I appreciate support did at least get close... thank you again!

I currently have 121 axes (thanks to more golden seeds), however am taking screen-prints (at least) every day, incase it happens again.

Thank you, again!