Suddenly graphics displayed as black blocks! PLEASE FIX!

donya 9 months ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Zieu 9 months ago 1

Suddenly my territory are displyed as solid black and gray blocks with green outline! I was in move items mode and moved my hideout so i could harvest debris. When i went back to move my hideout back, it was gone! So i closed game, rebooted tablet, and reopened game. To my dismay, I saw a few buildings in normal graphics, but all the rest as solid black and solid gray squares with green outline!  My helpers (townfolk) show two normal and two as a black with green outline silouhette of that showgirl innskeeper shape.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to my GAME?!  I have plenty of memory, never had this issue before. The thing i did directly before moving my hideout in move-mode was i planted two melon crops for a mission. i was also clearing debris. I also kicked two neighbors in managing neighbors. soooo....

The black squares indicate the images are being downloaded. Please wait for some more time, and it should automatically load. Or you could also clear data for the app to re-download all the assets in the game. If it still does not work, please write our us at support.rockyou.com We are here to assist you.