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Your advice "We are here to assist you. Please write to us via support.rockyou.com" BUT...

REQUEST #833582 WESTBOUND STOPPED LOADING for the Westbound app, on my iPhone 7, was opened on February 8th. Though both Pam and Aaron responded with suggestions (which I followed)… not only is my issue not resolved, but last reply from February 22nd has not been replied to (6 days later)... and it appears you also are ignoring a post I made yesterday, as your were posting (here) on the site after I did.

When I received a Ratings Request (from RY) I replied “Bad, I’m unsatisfied” This issue has been open for 20 days. So Data; Pam first answered with suggestions... later (and currently) Aaron answered with suggestions... though I follow all of them, no fix. As of today, nothing has changed, my reply (last Thursday) back to Aaron goes unanswered & I am still waiting for his next suggestion. 

Maybe there there is a reason Westbound only has 2.4 stars on the iPhone... posts show issues with the app (like mine)... maybe “no support” on the weekend could also be an issue with it’s ratings. 

As RY makes money every time we-players have to watch an ad, why wouldn't you want to fix players issues faster and stop losing money?

Zieu, If you are going to direct players to support.rockyou.com to assist us… could you also please direct the support folks to reply timely and actually fix our issues… please?

Thank you,


Hi Lionsram2,

We apologize for the delay in getting the issue fixed. I checked with the team, and we are trying to move your game progress to another device and investigate further. We will keep you updated on the same. 

Zieu, Thanks, but as of now... no reply from support and the game is still on the original iPhone... and still will not load.


It's been 5 days since you wrote "We apologize for the delay in getting the issue fixed." It's been over a month since the app stopped loading. And 13 days since Support has responded to me. The Westbound app is still not loading on my iPhone 7... nor has it been transferred to my other device.

Seriously, is this how RY wants to be known for customer service?

Please help me!!!

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 REQUEST #833582 WESTBOUND STOPPED LOADING for the Westbound app, on my iPhone 7