Ou trouver la scierie

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Hi there,

The Lumber Mill is found as a part of quest- Make The Cut. Once the quest is active, it will trigger you to find the asset in the jungle. Please continue to play the game, and you should come across it soon.




Team Challenge: Potpourri Jamboree

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Hi Islanders,

Welcome back to our next Team Challenge- Potpourri Jamboree!

This team challenge will require players to purchase new buildings and trees to craft a collectable. The challenge is to craft as many Potpourri collectables from the Potpourri Maker crafting building after gathering Clove collectables from the Clove tree and Dried Spices collectables from the Spice Dryer town building.

Team Formation Start Time

6:00 AM EST

August 5, 2016

Team Challenge Start Time

10:00 AM EST

August 6, 2016

Team Challenge End Time

12:00 PM EST

August 8, 2016

Team Challenge Name: Potpourri Jamboree

Team Challenge Description: Craft as much potpourri as you can!

Team Challenge Targets: Potpourri collectable

Team Challenge Action:

  1. Fulfilling a Potpourri contract at the Potpourri Maker crafting building
  2. Harvesting Clove collectables from the Clove tree
  3. Harvesting Dried Spices from the Spice Dryer town building

Title Details By Rank:


Rating Points


1 - 3


+400% Spirit

4 - 10


+200% Spirit

11 - 100


+100% Spirit

101 - 500


+60% Spirit

501 - 1500


+30% Spirit

New Generator: Potpourri Maker

  • Iso Size: 2x2
  • Limit: 1 per user
  • Cost: 1500 Silver
  • Build Time: 30 mins
  • Generator Level Info:
    • Level 1 Contract:
      • Contract Produces: 1 Potpourri
      • Contract Requires: 4 Dried Spices, 2 Cloves, 1 Energy ,
      • Contract Time: 5 minutes
    • Level 2 Contract:
      • Upgrade Requirements: 1000 Silver, 10 rock, 10 clay
      • Upgrade Time: 30 minutes
      • Contract Produces: 4 Potpourris
      • Contract Requires: 10 Dried Spices, 5 Cloves, 2 Energy ,
      • Contract Time: 10 minutes
    • Level 3 Contract:
      • Upgrade Requirements: 1500 Silver, 15 rock , 15 clay
      • Upgrade Time: 40 minutes
      • Contract Produces: 9 Potpourris
      • Contract Requires: 18 Dried Spices, 11 Cloves, 4 Energy ,
      • Contract Time: 20 minutes
    • Level 4 Contract:
      • Upgrade Requirements: 2000 Silver, 20 rock , 20 clay
      • Upgrade Time: 60 minutes
      • Contract Produces: 20 Potpourris
      • Contract Requires: 24 Dried Spices, 18 Cloves, 5 Energy ,
      • Contract Time: 40 minutes

New Collectable: Potpourri

Description: “Make Potpourri at the Potpourri Maker!”

New Town Building: Spice Dryer

  • Iso Size: 1x1
  • Limit: 1 per user
  • Build Time: 60 minutes
  • Cost: 1000 Silver
  • Produces: 2 Dried Spices
  • Regeneration Time: 9 minutes
  • Max limit of collectable: 100

New Collectable: Dried Spices

Description: “Collect Dried Spices from the Spice Dryer!”.

New Tree: Clove

  • Iso Size: 1x1
  • Limit: 8
  • Cost: 500 Silver
  • Water Time: 15 minutes
  • Regeneration Time: 5 minutes
  • Produces: 1 Clove
  • Max limit of collectable: 100

New Collectable: Clove

  • Description: “Harvest Cloves from the Clove tree!”.

Title Duration: 7 days

Good luck everyone and Happy Weekend!




Como mudar o idioma

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Were's the Grapes

Amanda Huddart 3 years ago • updated by Shelly InMn 2 years ago 1

I'v been ask to plant grapes, but these none in the crop or tree section. Were do i go?


7/27/2015 - Visit your Neighbors Daily for more rewards!

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Hello Islanders!

Visit your Neighbors daily and click on the Gift Boxes for more rewards! You can receive Coins, Cheer, and more!

Like and Share on the Fan Page to remind your fellow Islanders!

Download from Google Play! → http://bit.ly/playvolcanoisland
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Team Challenge 25: Raid-Fishing

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Hi Islanders,

Welcome everyone to our next Team Challenge: Raid Fishing!

Team Challenge Name: Raid-Fishing
Team Challenge Description: Catch fish. Wake kraken. Feed them clams.
Team Challenge Action: Feed the Krakens!

Team Formation Start Time: [6:00am EST | July 24th, 2015]
Team Challenge Start Time: [10:00am EST | July 25th, 2015]
Team Challenge End Time: [12:00pm EST | July 27th, 2015]

Title Details By Rank:

Ranks 1-3: +600% Silver 12000 Rating Points
Ranks 4-10: +300% Silver 9500 Rating Points
Ranks 11-100: +125% Silver 8000 Rating Points
Ranks 101-500: +60% Silver 7000 Rating Points
Ranks 501-4000: +30% Silver 6000 Rating Points

Title Duration: 7 days

Please find the below instruction regarding "RAID Fishing":

RAID Fishing:

Fishing:Use the fishing line to catch fish and earn rewards, including:
- Points: added to your score, varies by fish, unless it's a Piranha (Watch out!)
- Resources: You might snag Energy Refills, Gold, Swords, or Spirit
- Kraken: The more you fish, the greater your chance of waking your own Kraken and earning a special reward (like Energy!).

Wake and feed Kraken to earn rewards:
-Waking a Kraken: The more you fish, the greater your chance of waking your own Kraken and earning rewards. Others will have a chance to feed your Kraken too, so don't delay. The more you feed it, the more points and rewards you earn.
-Feeding Other Kraken: You may see Kraken that other players have found too. Join fast to earn points before the Kraken is satisfied and goes back to sleep! If you don't, other players will (and they'll get the points!)
-Satisfied Kraken: If the Kraken is satisfied within the time limit, then everyone who joined in feeding it gets a reward
-Top Kraken Feeder: If you are the player that has fed a satisfied Kraken the most clams, you will get a special reward! (Energy Refills, Swords, Gold, Silver or Spirit.)
-Kraken Left Hungry: You always get points for feeding a Kraken, but you get extra rewards only if it is satisfied within the time limit. Don't let the Kraken go hungry! They will wander away!

Good luck everyone and Happy Weekend!!


good teammates wanted

Kayte Kay 3 years ago • updated by smarlie 3 years ago 1
I'm still looking for a team so I'm not the only one working on a challenge . It's a bit frustrating when my teammates do nothing and reap rewards I hope they'll change that soon . Please add me if you like participating actively challenges. Thanks, Kayteness

Abominable Adventure 13

Denise Dutton 3 years ago 0
I'd love to start this challenge. But it requires me to plant, water, and harvest cranberries.

However, I don't have cranberries on my crops list. (I do, however, have cranberries from the Lime Fizz Challenge.)