lumber mill

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I am on level 33 and still have not got the quest to get the lumber mill. I have a bunch of buildings waiting for planks. What level do you start getting g the quests?
Just answered with more recycled garbage. This game is a waste of time andmoney.
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I need the lumber yard too... I am dieing to know where it is
You get planks from the lumber mill. But in order to get it, you have to get a quest called 'Make the Cut' which will trigger you to find it in the jungle. So, please go ahead and continue playing the quest queue until you get this quest.
Yeah. I've read that a bunch of times. But at level 33 you would think I'd of already got that quest. I Just deleted the game. I've spent almost $100 and feel you shouldn't have to spend that much to get anywhere with a "free" game. Totally ridiculous.
Yea I'm sorry between the endless need for swords that are damn near impossible to get and the money I spend in a free game. Something like freaking lumber should be easier to get. When is this game going to be reasonable instead of impossible. I am considering deleting the game as well. I play this freaking game all day long. Why I am stuck where I am is nothing less than discouraging. I'm on level 39. Lumber mill is not the only thing I can't accomplish with out spending money. Not to mention the games that offer swords have refused to pay out. The response from the game is well it only says maybe. I need a better response from management or I will be another person that walks away from the game
I'm lvl 43 and still can't find it. Stupid swords are finding things for limited quest but not for existing
Level 54 here still no lumber mill and I've spent hundreds of dollars,finished bookoo quest,got ten planks from somewhere but still need twenty,but no place to get them,what quest precedes make the cut,and what follows,so I know where to look,HUH kiwi?
It's part of a quest. I eventually got it. Keep working on quests that you can finish ie. The searching jungle or other ones.

This "It's part of a quest" bunk is *really* old. The Lumber Mill needs to be obtainable in a reasonable manner and time frame. I feel like I'm wasting my time, which is NOT enjoyable. Ahem...game makers...games are supposed to be enjoyable. I'm giving it 5 days from today, maximum, and then I'm deleting the game and taking my money with me.

Thank you for posting. I was just about to purchase the sword bundle to go looking for the mill when I read your comment and that of the others.

Window Cat... Have you ever tried shipwrecked wiki?? It helped me with everything. It has the quests in order to get you to your lumber mill

Shipwrecked wiki people!! Google it....

level 71 just got quest for starry eyed to get next quest should be lumber mill. Says wiki

I'm currently at level 38 and I've pretty much built everything I can without the use of planks. I have 11 buildings I can't complete because they need planks. I have other buildings I can't upgrade because I need planks. If I can't get the lumber mill until level 72, then I'm done. This is ridiculous.

Keep up the good work in the forums lostgurlz . these foruns have now become a good source of getting information and are a pleasure to read now .


anne wilson, I have no idea if you work for the game makers or if you just really enjoy pointless games, but I've seen your comments in a few discussion threads now and they all repeat the same mantra: keep playing, being patient is fun, you'll find the lumber mill eventually. Hogwash. You know what isn't fun, having a game that won't allow you to accomplish anything other than collect from existing buildings, because you have to wait for merchandise that's apparently at level 72. How is that enjoyable or fun? It isn't. 

What it is is financially genius. By the time players start seeing the need for a lumber mill/planks, they're invested in continuing to play. That investment drives them to spend money buying swords to explore the forest for that mill. Now not only are they psychologically invested to continue playing, they're financially invested too which makes them less likely to stop playing.  

This is a game that requires no skill, no cognitive abilities whatsoever. It only requires an internet connection and time. So when the game is being kept hostage for no reason other than to encourage you to spend money, it's shady and unethical. There's nothing FUN about that.