Goodbye from Anne

anne wilson 2 years ago in General Discussion • updated by Lostgurlz 2 years ago 1

hello everyone .this is to let you all know I am stepping down from the challenges . other things in my life now have to take priority .my little family on here has grown so much and I love you all and have done my best to care for you all , but now I need to be cared for myself . I want to thank chris123 ,josephboy , Tiburon ,quirk1 ,jbudge , redrain , pepsiman , froggie , lostgurlz ,queens I view ,panty pincher birdie ,velastar , and more recently , melewis ,Rufus ,katolivas ,redwolf , buddy and cincyboy . you guys stuck by me and did whatever it took to keep my teams at the top . I've had a team at the top of sw list for about 18 months , a team at the top of sw volcano for about a year and also have a team in top position on sw new world under my lace tops ID .I would like to say thank you to zieu and Anna for constant email contact to clear issues with the tables . you have been very good to me .to everyone who has stuck by me I say thank you .and to the ones who have hacked , the ones who have threatened my life and the ones who came to England but failed to find me I say to you ........it's just a game .

I may return occasionally for the odd challenge so please all still send invites .

This is annewils , Mrs superman and lace tops signing out . at the top .